All Investigations A-Z

6 thoughts on “All Investigations A-Z

  1. Paul

    Smart Solutions Group, which was run by ex bankrupt and failed sentinel owner David Bertrum has morphed into “National Super Solutions” and now also under OAKVIEW FINANCIAL PTY LTD with The Advisory Firm from Paul Carcallas. One can only wonder why someone would start Smart Solutions Group, then re badge to National Super Solutions to then rebadge again to OAKVIEW FINANCIAL… can’t be good whatever the reason

  2. hartietina

    I registered with a scam broker and was tricked into putting in money, they also took money from my card without my consent. I had to hire a solution professional to recover my funds.

    1. Nickoj

      I am a client of Camori, I cant see how this is a scam, my money is with hub24, pretty sure they are an Australian listed company and I have never given any funds to Camori directly. Super went from my previous super to Hub24 which was easy enough, had some issues with one of the rollovers but all good. My performance has been fine and I am invested in big global managed funds, in comparison to my other super accounts where I had no idea what I was invested in. Yeah the fees are a bit higher but I get the value. I have called them and they are in business and operating as normal, I think if there was an issue they would have been closed down. they were not. Nick


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