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If you are thinking about investing with AT Partnerships, there areĀ  a few pieces of information that you may want to consider in doing your due diligence.

Before I start let me state that this post is offered in the general interest of the public, is my opinion of the facts, and that any readers should do their full due diligence and make their own decisions before investing with any company.

At Partnerships is a newly established company ( 30-6-2014 ) selling managed trading packages.

The packages start at $7,999 , plus trading capital and go up two other levels to $16,999 entry. A 25% fee is taken out of profits each month.

They only registered the company on June 30th this year, and became an Authorised Representative for an AFSL ( Australian Financial Services Licence ) on July 28, so they do not have much of a live track record to speak of, so far. In their presentation, they show some nice graphs of their strategies, but you should examine them closely and take your time. The first two that I was shown had, since January, appeared to be making losses. Certainly, you would not expect even the best traders to win all the time. This is why it is preferable to see a long track record, generally trending positive.

They have addresses in Melbourne, Sydney and also on the Gold Coast where they share the same address as Trading IT and The ATP which both seem to be selling similar schemes, if not the same scheme. They have an AFSL through Jade Capital in Sydney, who are also the licencee for Trading It and The ATP. Now potential clients should be aware that there are links between these companies as well as to the Association of Trading Professionals. They all are, or were involved with selling investments in managed trading accounts. Word is that they have moved their trading management to Jade Capital, who do the trading along with some other traders located internationally. Could Jade be the improvement they have been seeking?

I notice that AT Partnerships have been putting up some reviews of themselves, supposedly on independent sites:,, and (where it also sounds like they’ll sell your physical gold and your barrels of oil (?) . A Whois search revealed that the registrants of the sites are AT Partnerships themselves.

AT Partnerships occupies the same floor as TradingIT and The ATP/Association of Trading Professionals in their Gold Coast office. All the companies are linked; by either people that worked there, directors, shareholders, AFSL licencees. Also there is a link back to Winchester Securities which went insolvent last year. Was it a ‘bad trot’ for them and now they are on the improve?

The questions you might ask yourself are:
Why do they keep morphing onto different entities?
Will they still be around in 6-12 months time?
What did they do to compensate investors last time their trading scheme didn’t live up to their expectations?
What track record do they have?

Remember, think carefully, study, ask your accountant or solicitor, make up your own mind.

There’s also some more links you should maybe read while doing your due diligence:

Let us know if you’ve had experience with AT Partnerships..

2 thoughts on “AT Partnerships

  1. Linda

    I am nearing completion of Part 2 of my blog, tentatively entitled: ‘Oh ATP Boys, Where Art Thou?’ and Googled Jade Capital Partners to see if they still exist. I found a seemingly active website and this ASIC Notice of Application For Wind Up Order which was scheduled to be heard on 18 October, 2017:

    Company: Jade Capital Partners Pty Ltd
    ACN: 153 326 222

    An application for the winding up of Jade Capital Partners Pty Ltd was commenced by the plaintiff Veridian Markets Pty Ltd on 08/09/2017 and will be heard as set out below.

    Hearing details

    The details of the hearing are:
    Court: Federal
    District/State: New South Wales
    Place: Law Courts Building Queen’s Square
    Sydney NSW 2000
    Date and time: 11AM, 18 October 2017
    Action number: NSD1559/2017

    The notice ends with: ‘This notice does not mean that the company was wound up. To check whether the company was wound up following publication of this notice, search the ASIC database using the ASIC Connect function on ASIC’s website ‘

    I clicked on the ‘ASIC Connect’ function link and was led to this message: ‘An unexpected error has occured. Please contact ASIC.’

    The plot thickens. Given what I have been learning about ASIC’s incompetent and highly questionable handling of certain QLD white collar criminals, I can’t help but wonder if they have swept Jade Capital’s activities under the carpet as well.

  2. Linda

    Thank you for posting this information. I wasn’t aware that AT Partnerships is linked to The ATP who owe me a refund of $14,799 as per the signed Deed of Settlement which stated that the ATP would pay me the sum of $14,999 before 1st January 2016. For the record, the ATP paid me $200 of the $14,999 before disappearing like a puff of rancid smoke.

    Audrn and Jade Capital initially played ‘pass the hotcake’ regarding who was the responsible AFSL holder at the time of deed of settlement. Jade Capital behaved quite well in the end while Audrn did a runner.

    It’s such a disappointing outcome because I had some interesting chats with some of the ATP guys. In fact, one of them even told me they were into spiritual stuff after I told them my then partner was a spiritual medium. Fancy that.

    To date, FOS and ASIC have been unable to locate the Audrn gang – one of the directors resides in China and ASIC doesn’t have jurisdiction to investigate international gangsters. Many people have been burnt by Audrn and deserve compensation.

    Should IT Partnerships peruse this helpful site, they are welcome to read my article ‘Wrong Road To Real Wealth’ on my website: It’s also published on Linked In. Part 2 is currently being written.

    And if AT Partnerships is still in business, they must be doing ok for money. I may contact their boss to have a chat about my deed of settlement, given their connection to The ATP. I have nothing to lose now that my superannuation is all but lost.


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