Essence Securities and Alipay IPO

There’s several scam companies doing cold calling at the moment offering discounted share aquisition in the pre-IPO for Alipay, or more correctly Ant Financial Services.

Essence Securities, China  ,
JPR Global, Japan
Equity Consults
Alliance Consults, Hong Kong
Prudential Securities , New York
Ideal Services DC , Canada
and no doubt more…

Essence Securities say the current share price is $12.50 , even though there is no share price yet. On further interrogation they say that is the price they are selling them at , and that the price when they are listed on the stock exchange will be $35, guaranteed !

If you send your money to some faraway jurisdiction on little more than a promise from someone you’ve never heard from before, Don’t expect to see it again.

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and then you should just Google : Ant Financial IPO and read everything on the first page Before you even think about doing anything else.

3 thoughts on “Essence Securities and Alipay IPO

  1. David White

    Ant Financial is huge, recent valuation is $150 billion! They are owned by Alibaba and control Alipay which again is huge! Alipay is the worlds largest mobile and online payments platform. As an active investor I dont think you should be down playing this company. I was fortunate enough to get involved in Alibaba when they went public in 2014 and I will be getting involved in Ant Financial which will list in Hong Kong later this year.

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for your comments David.
      We’re not focused on whether Ant Financial is a good investment or not, but rather the extremely high risk of making an investment through a company you’ve never heard of, that cold calls you, and expects you to send them a large sum of money with no guarantee it will go to where you are thinking it is going to go, and from where you will likely have no recourse to get justice if things go wrong.

      If you were going to participate in the IPO/ pre-IPO, how would you do it?


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