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Not much time to write this report, but it seems Roy McDonald is still at it after years of complaints about his ‘wealth’ seminars.

His current business is under the name of One Life ,

A good place to start reading about his seminars is this article from the SMH

There’s plenty more if you search the web.

On their Facebook page, there’s a disturbing lack of comments relating experiences at the seminars. All we see is people going in, and then nothing..

While it may be argued that the seminars are transformative, they are not transformative in the positive way that people expect.

Also there’s a brilliant piece on this by Denise Brailey, (now head of the Banking and Finance Consumers Support Association )

you can read it here where she not only explains some of McDonald’s schemes , but also the buck passing that goes on between ASIC, the ACCC and Fair Trading.

10 thoughts on “One LIfe

  1. Susie

    I went to a five day retreat at the Hunter Valley with Roy and his team. I felt at the time very uplifted and empowered, until they wanted more money for additional programs. The next day I got home I spent hours researching information on him. Now I am very sceptical and confused.

      1. Jennifer

        Stay well away from One Life. All they want is money. They did such a number on a friend of mine that he ended up in hospital.

  2. Jennifer

    An absolute rip off. Almost had my husband certified after going to one of their seminars…he did end up in hospital. For some reason, he keeps in contact with Roy. I will show him this page. Thanks.

  3. George

    Now they are having another seminar on Jan 11th & 15th 2018 at the Hunter Valley Retreat … 2 Greek guy’s from OneLife Greece are special guests … I bet they try and gather the NSW Greek community to see how many people they can scam into this ponzi scheme company !! Why doesn’t ASIC do something with this bullshit ? They are saying that 2018 is the big year for OneCoin and it will become the next Bitcoin … what a load of rubbish and many friends of mine have been scammed into this crap over in Greece ! Now they are here to scam more people !


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