One LIfe

Not much time to write this report, but it seems Roy McDonald is still at it after years of complaints about his ‘wealth’ seminars.

His current business is under the name of One Life ,

A good place to start reading about his seminars is this article from the SMH

There’s plenty more if you search the web.

On their Facebook page, there’s a disturbing lack of comments relating experiences at the seminars. All we see is people going in, and then nothing..

While it may be argued that the seminars are transformative, they are not transformative in the positive way that people expect.

Also there’s a brilliant piece on this by Denise Brailey, (now head of the Banking and Finance Consumers Support Association )

you can read it here where she not only explains some of McDonald’s schemes , but also the buck passing that goes on between ASIC, the ACCC and Fair Trading.

Harry Omeros charged with Fraud!

Breaking News! Harry Omeros has been arrested and charged with fraud.

latest update from the Gold Coast Bulletin says that he has scammed over $400k from 12 people. We think they rather understate the figures! So, if you’ve been scammed by any of the below businesses please get in touch with Qld police!



Freedom Circle

yet another binary options scam..

this time brought to you by Kyle Stanford ( if he really exists, which we doubt)

First red flag: you can earn $5,000 a day with only 30 minutes work, just by clicking a few buttons!

No risk!

Yeah, right.

One of the video testimonials features an actor who also did  a testimonial for another scam we feature, Asset Solutions Australia

binary options scam

binary options scam

They go on to tell you in the introductory video how sick they are of online scams and they would never be like that, taking money off people who are just trying to get ahead.  Gee, they must be such nice people.

Please don’t be fooled by this rubbish. You will be asked to open a brokerage account where you will have to deposit a minimum amount of money. The scammers will make a commission on this deposit. That’s all they want. They don’t care that you will lose your money using their ‘no fail’ trading system.

Market Trading Global scam

*Update 5 Sep 2016: Harry Omeros has been arrested and charged with fraud


Yet another in the string of scams that started as the AMTP and has recently been Asset Solutions Australia, Property Investment Providers, Bidlife, Lifestyle Profits, etc.

Selling trading signals services in indexes, gold, forex, etc like many times before. Using some of their stalwart actors for the fake testimonials. Jake Elliot from the mines at Asset Solutions Australia has now become Jake James. Same story.  Maria Williams from Property Invesment Providers has now become Laura, still searching for that extra income.

Need we say more? Keep your money in your wallet


Sports All Bet scam

Sounds like another re-invention of scams like Kensigton Trade,  Grainger Trust, Marlin Reynolds, etc

They ring you up and tell you that you have a long forgotten betting account that was run by a third party that you used to have an account with, in this case Cybersportstab.

Lo and behold, now the balance is a touch over $50,000 !

All you have to do to get access to your account is pay them $2,500 to take care of the amount that was initially credited to your account by them so Cybersportstab could place some big trades for you. How generous they were.

They are supposedly based in Costa Rica and have a crappy website with no contact details. NO way you would want to trust them with your money.

Please do not fall for this one. Other people have been sucked in before in very similar schemes. You never get access to any account with lots of money. You always lose your own money and then there is nothing you can do about it.

ACCC giving Bad advice

2015 Targeting Scams Report

This is the report by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to
coincide with National Fraud (awareness) Week last

They report that $229 Million was lost, with investment scams leading any
other category with $41 million reported lost.

You can find the 81 page report in pdf form here

Plenty of nice statistics about what’s happened in the last year, but more

What are Scamwatch, ACCC and other Authorities doing about it ?!

Well, in 2015 the ACCC’s Disruption project seems to have been solely aimed
at disrupting Romance fraud. Good on them for doing something, but what about
Investment fraud which has now surpassed Romance fraud ( maybe partly due to
their disruption efforts)?

Nothing as far as we can tell. Most of their time seems to be taken up with
compiling statistics.

Getting information out of them is like getting blood out of a stone. Our
offers for them to use our resources seem to fall on deaf ears.

ACCC’s bad advice

In their website report here, they end up giving advice on doing due diligence on
your next investment.

“Before parting with your money, do your own research on the investment
company and check they have a Australian Financial Services Licence on ASIC’s
MoneySmart website.”

and “Only invest your money with a managed fund or other investment that is
licensed by ASIC and check ASIC’s MoneySmart website.

This advice would seem to imply that it is a sufficient that a business,
company or financial advisor is listed with ASIC  with an ABN, ACN or

Well that is just plain WRONG.

It is NOT a sufficient check.

As hundreds of scam victims will tell you, ALL the companies, businesses and
financial advisors they dealt with in Australia were listed with ASIC.

We called the ACCC and voiced our concerns that this advice is very unsound
and makes them negligent in their duties. To date, no response.

What do you think?