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Alternative Investments International


Alternative Investments International only registered for GST in August 2014 and their business name in December 2013 so beware that they have little track record.

They contacted one of my readers who has already been scammed by another Gold Coast business. Using the same database maybe??

This company is offering just two horse racing selections a week and you’re meant to profit 80% per month !!! What’s that..on just about 9 selections! You’ve got to be dreaming. Oh, and that’s starting with just $500, and you make 200% for the first two months!! Sounds like pie in the sky to me.

Their website also mentions investments in race horses, property and mining, but don’t really seem to be investing in them themselves. Seems more like disinformation.

Also, the tag on the thoroughbred investmant page says ‘binary options’. Bizarre. Binary options are not something that any reputable company is involved in.

We’ll be watching this one closely.