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Charterhurst Agencies

Charterhurst Agencies , charterhurstagencies.com.au , Elite Trader software

Breaking news: Feb 4th 2016
Police raid and charge one man in relation to Charterhurst Agencies.
This follows the arrest and charging of two other principals of the opeartion last year.


A reader alerted me to this the other day..said he’d had a call from a very pushy salesman selling this laybetting program. From the look of the screenshot it looked very similar to Laybet Professional’s platform.

On further investigation they are spinning the same sales pitch, same strategy, same pricing and yes, they are even at the same address, same floor, same office

( update 10/8/2014: I’ve already heard of people losing hundreds of thousands to Charterhurst¬† through their persuasive upsells.¬† They are very good at what they do and well rehearsed. DO NOT be fooled.)

contact us if you want to know more detail.

Learn the lessons of those that have gone before.

If you want more information contact Janelle Walsh at the Fraud and Cyber Crime Group (qld): Walsh.JanelleG@police.qld.gov.au