The ATP variations

The Association of Trading Professionals,

The ATP / The ATP Australia,,

Achievement Trust Prosperity they spout, sometimes..depends on what other ideas they can come up with for their acronym ATP.

These companies morphed out of Winchester Securities and Global Income Solutions. After Winchester Securities folded, they became Global Income Solutions. Then they seem to have been bent on persuing this theme of ATP .

All the websites were virtually identical ( only is up now) . They even had the same testimonials with the names of the company changed. They were selling trading packages in Forex, Gold and Oil, with hefty licence fees charged to get started. From reports on various forums it sounds like they didn’t perform too well. They had common Directors and shareholders, were Authorised Representatives for the same companies for their Australian Financial Services Licences, and not to forget, had offices on the same floor of the same building. (also where TradingIT are as well. And read ditto for their Directors and AFSL licencees).

So, if their strategies were so good, what happened? They seem to all have moved on to the next morph. I wonder what happened to their clients that paid all that money for the services. This is one of the main things to be wary of with these companies that freshly set-up all the time: where will you be if they decide to close up, again?

Web chatter..while it’s still online:

Beware, they may be calling you with the next incarnation…


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33 thoughts on “The ATP variations

  1. Linda

    The Royal Commission into misconduct in the banking, superannuation and financial services industry is still accepting submissions. The online form also enables you to provide the Royal Commission with other comments including your views on what changes you would like the Royal Commission to recommend.

    I have submitted my account of being grossly misled by Real Wealth regarding a self managed super fund, and how their counterparts the ATP got away with ripping off many people, despite the best efforts of the Ombudsman’s office to investigate and recover monies owed.

    Please share your stories with the commission, as all submissions are recorded, reviewed and used to inform the Commission’s work.

    The web address for submissions is:

    1. Lisa Smith

      I have also lodged complaints about David Bertram, now running Smart Solutions Group. How can an ex-bankrupt advisor, who was led Sentinel (now in liquidation) be allowed to be a financial advisor?

    2. Ex-Dover Advisor

      Looks like we had a fall out from the Royal Commision with Dover being closed down. Dover’s 400 advisors now looking for a new home. Not sure what Dover did that was so terrible, seems like it was all about their “client protection policy”

  2. Paul Jones

    Real Wealth has now morphed into “The Advisory Firm.

    Same street as Real Wealth, Same PO BOX address, one director of The Advisory Firm was the sales manager of Real Wealth, They consolidate super just like real wealth did….. Fool me once, shame on me, try and call me up and sell me a second time and go screw yourself!

      1. Chris

        Finally, got the bastard, still won’t see any of my money I’m betting. Oh well, that’s what the pension is for I guess. If the Federal government want to reduce the social welfare bill in this country, how about manning up, growing a set and coming down hard on these low lives? Or even better, make it damn hard to get into it in the first place. I mean seriously hard, seize and sell assets to repay those affected, not at auction to the lowest bidder. Decent jail time, not 6 or 10 months in a minimum security farm stay. Make them HURT!. Wonder if they seized David’s Audi S5?

      2. Linda

        Thanks for the update. Criminals like Orth should be tracked and busted when they attempt to set up another scam business fronted by co-conspirators. Orth’s $400,000 donation to the financial literacy fund is inadequate. After the unacceptable outcome with ATP last year, despite the best efforts of the Ombudsman’s team to bust them, I ran out of energy to take it further.

        But since receiving these updates and learning that Orth has finally had his day with ASIC, I now intend to pick up from where I left off. Sadly, Australia is run by professional, silk-suited sharks these days, but at least the rot being uncovered by the bank royal commission is reflecting very badly on the ministers who said it was an inquiry that Australia ‘didn’t have to have.’ What a bunch of denialists.

        The Feds need to reform current laws that limit ASIC’s powers to pursue the ones that keep getting away, and enable them to throw a much bigger book at shiteheads like Orth. I met him, too, and sensed something shifty about him. Unfortunately, I was experiencing a vulnerable phase in my life and simply needed help to set up an independent financial plan. Lessons learned. We all deserve our money back. I look forward to learning more about the financial literacy fund. I wasn’t aware of its existence.

        1. admin Post author

          Might be more helpful if they used a small slice of that to help fund this website! Probably could get a lot more good information out in a much more economical fashion!

        2. drew

          he is also tied up with holzworth partners. that guy mark holdzworth is the same mark who owned they are licensed through zenith, who david orth was as well. looks like they have more than one front of companies.

    1. drew

      someone should let asic know, clearly they have re badged – david orth would have people now as the front, now that he has been banned. david orth been doing this stuff for years forex/gold super the whole works.

  3. Linda Summer

    Hi, I was scammed by ATP and Real Wealth. I lodged several complaints with the Financial Ombudsman Service about ATP and they did an excellent job. The Audrn Group were pursued in relation to membership money paid by many unsuspecting investors like me but FOS was unable to contact the directors, one of whom resides in China. Audrn had their licence revoked by ASIC in Sept 2016 and FOS reported them for misconduct. I am drafting a report for ASIC and a number of smarmy career politicians to question why they allowed finance sharks to sell investment packages to SMSF clients which enables super funds to be gambled away. My understanding is that it is illegal to use superannuation money for gambling purposes. Trading is a form of gambling, is it not? I couldn’t find anything untoward re ATP and Real Wealth on the internet at the time I made my most foolish decision. Now I am using the experience to help other decent Australians from befalling the same fate. Keep up the good work with Aussie Scam Alert. Tally ho! Linda.

  4. Carol

    I was cold called by True Wealth yesterday asking for huge amounts of money to invest in Forex and other short term investments with returns up to 9%per MONTH! Too good to be true! I am really concerned about the privacy leak that gave them my phone number and email address and current post code that has only been pertinent for 6 weeks.

    1. Ross

      The fact that Darren Pattison’s wife is listed as a shareholder in The Opulen Group (Jamie Pattison nee’ Digby, ex-CEO of Darren’s old scam entity Global Income Solutions) links him to The Opulen Group, registered on 04/03/2015.
      True Wealth is likewise connected to Darren Pattison. The MD of his entity TradingIT (Paul Charles Willis) was appointed Director of True Wealth on 30/09/2014. Darren’s dad Maurice was listed as a shareholder in TradingIT. Ex-Winchester Securities/ ATP and then Trading IT salesman Gerald Goodwin (Ged) works in sales for True Wealth as well. New ABNs, same gang.

      1. Chris

        Ok, I was dealing with a mob on the Gold Coast (naturally) called Real Wealth, run by David Orth, who I actually met in person as well as his associate, Grant Millar, somehow my money ended up going through HUb24 and then Trading IT which I had never ever signed any documents for. Not say Real Wealth is dodgy (yet) but due to their association, by proxy, to Trading IT, I’m guessing all ain’t good in downtown Ashmore. Call me cynical…… or call me burnt and seriously out for blood!!

          1. Chris

            Gee, there’s a surprise. And he tried to stop me closing my dismally failing accounts with Hub24 and Trading IT, gee, can’t imagine why…. No matter, it’s all in the hands of the fraud squad now.

  5. Philip

    Hello Administrator

    We have been hassled by the same people just recently. We had the man on loud speaker and he was the same guy from ATP defiantely. This time he used his name as Mick and last he used Rick or Richard. Sounded european when we asked if we could come and see him he said he will get back too us……..has not rung back…..

    Now calling themselves True Wealth Pty Ltd

    1. Chris

      Again, another surprise?? NO!. A little bit of research with the aid of certain people, Admin and others has turned up a paper trail link to, oh I dunno, how many of these scam “companies”. I have forwarded my info as well as other info to QPol. They were VERY interested in the links. I asked how come they hadn’t found the link. As per usual, a $20 dope deal on the street commits more resources than a million dollar white collar crime. The Cyber Crime group simply doesn’t have the manpower allocation to do what we are doing. People, they need OUR help with HARD evidence to shut these pricks down.


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