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Just got off the phone from a guy going by the name of Jack Larsen from, allegedly based in Hong Kong.

6/6/2014 They are still operating. Still ripping people off. They will keep asking for more and more money, and you will Never see it!

[ Update!  a group calling themsleves with bookmaker have a Very similar scheme going, except they are based in Austria (supposedly). When I asked the guy what street they were on, he couldn’t tell me, even though I could see it on their map.  Again, no results to show me. See

Also similar: ,, omegga investments,,, Brookshire-Traders,


Great example of a very poor scam, or at least an extremely high risk business to get involved with.

So the deal is that they ring you up and as if you have been scammed in the past. They have bought databases from companies that have been would up in the past that have been known to scam people in the past for thousands of dollars.

Now they tell you that they are going to help you make money back and that they’re nice guys, doing it because they want to help you recover from a bad experience.

So the deal is that you register with a bookmaker of theirs. They will manage your account with the $200 that you invest. They will bet on sports matches where they are guaranteed (!) a win, betting up to 50% of your account on a match ( depending how guaranteed it is I guess)


They are so nice that they only take commissions off your winnings. So you win, they win. You lose, they don’t take anything but you’ve lost your money, right. Of course once you lose your deposit, I’ve no doubt that they will ring again and make some excuse and try to lure you back in. More probably still, they will just move on to the next victim. Better for them probably is if your bets win, then they will persuade you to put in more cash, which you will eventually lose.

So, how to analyse this scam:

1.did they really buy a database, from dissolved /insolvent/closed scam companies? Really? They told me they paid 1 million for it.

2. On the website for the Bookmaker they use (     Not to be confused with teh legitimate ) there is No contact information, even after you register an account. No information on bet types or bonus conditions, nothing! Very poor quality site. Just leaves you oozing with confidence in them.

3. If all their clients are with the same bookmaker, all winning all the time (as they claim) how will the bookmaker survive? They’d have to be the biggest bookmaker in the world to survive and even then they’d probably limit accounts or close them. Next question is, if they are so good at betting, why don’t they recommend several accounts to get the best odds for each event?

4. I don’t believe there is a bookmaker. The funds no doubt would go straight to their bank account, never to be seen again. Good luck trying to contact the bookie or get a withdrawal. There’s no banking details on the bookies website, so the deposit would have to go through Bachmanngroup anyway.

5. I asked for records. They do Keep records don’t they? After being in business for 10 years you’d think they have records, recorded results of the bets/trades. They said they’d send them. Haven’t seen anything yet and I’d wager that I never see any results.

Watch out, stay safe

Please leave a comment if you have come across this operation, or you have any other scams you would like to alert us to, or even if you would like us to investigate something you are thinking about investing in.

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  1. Kerry

    I have also been contacted by Bachmann Group, Marlin Reynolds and KL Advanced Strategies over the last couple of months. They are relentless in their quest to “get you on board” and “start making money for you”.

    Thank you for all your information and replies – it is exactly as you stated, word for word!!!

    Keep up the good work

  2. Gaurav

    I was just contact by Bachmans Group, I already knew that there are heaps of such scams going around about sports arbitrage. What I plan to do now is to ask them keep calling back at times when i am free…. and i will just keep wasting their time with hideous questions …. I dont understand why the Police aint doing anything about this when so many ppl have complained.

  3. Robert

    I also have been contacted by Bachmanngroup and all the other companies listed on this post.
    They all have the same MO ( Method of Operation)
    I have had dealings with three of these rip off merchants.
    They and the bookmakers are one in the same.
    Your bets only appear after the event which they put on themselves to make it look like you won.
    When your account gets to a decent size, try to make a withdraw and you will find it impossible.
    They want you to pay commission up front before you make a withdraw.
    When you think about it, why would the bookmaker care if you paid your commission to somebody else it should have nothing to do with them.
    When you refuse. All of a sudden there is a loss on your account and it is wiped out.
    Every email I have received from all of these companies I have traced as coming from Singapore.
    All of them! Too much of a coincidence.
    Usually when they contact you, you can check to see when their websites were created and it is normally only a couple of months old.
    The bookmakers websites are ameraturish looking and you cannot do a withdraw or deposit like most reputable bookmakers.
    Some of the names of the cold callers are Tony Peters and Victor James.
    They will coerse you into making a smallish deposit at first in the hope you wil then make a bigger deposit.
    None of which you will ever get back.


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