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First of all, the opinions expressed here are my own, and are ..opinion. Anyone looking at investing money that they would rather not lose should do their own due diligence, investigate and ask questions of their own. I advise possible avenues that should be explored when looking at various investments. Some companies that are looked at here may or may not be scams. Hopefully, we might even find some actual gems.

The website is dedicated to educating people to take care when being approached, or approaching, potential investment schemes.

I have been driven to construct this page because it infuriates me that many dodgy operators are allowed to carry on business with no regulation or control by the so called ‘authorities’. These ‘authorities’ have let the public down badly, allowing unscrupulous individuals to persuade even quite intelligent people to part with their hard earned money, never to be seen again…the money, or the operator!

It seems it is up to you and I to expose these companies and do our best to alert as many people as we can so less innocent people get stung.

If you have been scammed, it would be great if you would like to share your experience here.

If you know of any scams that haven’t been mentioned yet, please let us know by leaving a comment or send an email to admin@aussiescamalert.com

Be alert, stay safe.

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  1. Jayden Tonkin

    Hey everyone,
    A couple of days ago i received a cold call from another gold coast sales company basically asking to roll over my super fund after explaining there benefits of it.
    i only have 23.000 in super and they claim that with 10.000 of it they can turn it into 52000 in one year! The return is enormous 10 fold what any other superannuation company could possibly provide!!
    And this company has only been registered for around to years!!
    I was curious to find out how this was possible and then they continued by telling me they make these huge returns threw their glorified trading on the markets,
    Then BAM if that wasn’t good enough!!
    They guarantee me to keep trading until they have made me 22000 dollars..
    wait there’s more, all this at the small cost of ONLY 6000 of your money!!

    Is what i would have said if my wife hadn’t already been drained by such a similar gold coast trading scheme!
    Yet another company taking peoples super at a LARGE upfront fee then LOSING you more by carelessly trading it AND wait lets not tell you about the yearly fees of a smsg because then you might actually INVEST IT ALL IN THE COMPANY’S BACK INTO THERE POCKETS

    if its so good and you can do so well from it then how come with all that money in peoples super you have (because you guys are so successful) wouldn’t you make more by charging a percentage of your profits?
    I mean if i was the owner of something so good then why would i charge a measly 6000 when i could charge a ongoing percentage of profit on every single account?

    i have been threw crap like this before and jumped blindly into throwing my money away without seeing it work first hand before.

    EVERYONE wake up to this crap, i lost 65000 of my super because i never even thought about it since i cant use it.
    But i promise you’ll think all the hours of work it costs it when you get all excited then watch it disappear!!!

  2. Daniel M

    Just wanted to give you guys some pretty good investigation work done by my younger brother.

    Check this out —I give you permission to post this and reply to me via email.

    http://incomeconnectaustralia.com/ – Main Beach, GOLD COAST

    http://www.sanitatumgroup.com/ same crew new face – MAIN BEACH GOLD COAST

    https://www.in2markets.com/ – MAIN BEACH GOLD COAST, just purchased a bookies license and also a new shelf company to make it look like they have been around for a long time.

    Ihope information helps you.

    Great work guys – I support what u guys do

  3. James Blackley

    AS per our current conversations , on the scammers that a currently stealing peoples money , you are running a fantastic service. I too resent that gov find it all to hard,
    only the exposed crooks will try and slander this service.
    Cheers, James


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