Asset Solutions Australia

Who are ?

Probably the same people that are running Property Investment Providers, (since they also have the same address and telephone number )

and have also run AMTP, Australian Market Trading Professionals. (since they’re running the same scheme and have the same testimonials )

They also have the same guy running them, always going by a name like Steve or Mark Davis/Davies/Jones.

First just check the testimonials on the Asset Solutions page and the Property Investment Providers page.


Now the guy on the right is ‘Jake Elliot’. He’s been working in the mines and wants to spend more time with his family, but luckily he found Asset Solutions Australia.


Here, on the Property Investment Providers page , Jake is now ‘Conrad James’, but if you’re worried about what happened to Jake Elliot, he is now the guy on the right ( who was Shane back at AssetSolutionsAustralia ). Worked in the mines, wants to spend more time with his family, but luckily he found PropertyInvestmentProviders !

Also , the text testimonials from ASA match those from AMTP:



Need we say more?

Don’t believe the honeyed words Steve will use to woo you. Your money will be gone, never to be seen again if you give it to them.

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