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Scam Warning! Aston Forex,

Just had a cold call from these guys, suposedly in London.
No address on their website and they wouldn’t tell me where they were at first. After I kept asking they gave me London. Then they hung up because I kept asking, and another guy rang back, said I was rude and told me they were in Finchley Road. Wouldn’t give me a number though and hung up again.
They say they will trade a trial account for me to get me going in the forex market..but I have to open account with them, because they’re the brokers. But hang on….they can’t be the broker And trade. They could do anything to manipulate the trades, if they ever  put any on.  They reckon they have between 50-100,000 clients. So there’d be good feedback on the web right?

Wrong. First search reveals:

Pretty much as suspected…can’t even get a withdrawal.

Also, I see they are listed by the UK’s FCA as a company to avoid:

May be also posing as EuroBondFX


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  1. andrey

    Good day!

    I encountered a fraud with Aston forex . Began to work with them in late January , after persistent calls from Mark, who represented himself as a senior broker . Wound up investing $ 2,000 . Then I was transferred several times from one broker to another broker and finally to Vladimir Yegorov . The trades were pretty good, and then I could not complain , we had something like half the fiduciary of the transactions I opened , the second part of Vladimir , profits grew , I lost my sight and relaxed. And then, one fine day, Vladimir called me and said that there is information on the movement of one of the instruments and advised to have more money ( $ 1000) to get this . To my misfortune , I agreed it was in April. Then , I decided to withdraw a small amount of money to check. Here is where the problems started. All the necessary documents to the broker and Vladimir confirmed that everything is in order , even supposedly was translated . But since then the connection no one ever answers , the amount in the account has not diminished , I can even trade , and bring no money ! Is there a way to withdraw money from this company? On account of about $ 7500 !

    1. Admin

      I don’t think there is much chance to recover your money unfortunately, unless you can find them..

  2. JOHN


  3. Glenn

    Stay away from Aston Forex. It is a huge scam. I invested $10,000.00 and was very lucky that my bank reversed the deposits from Aston Forex. It looks like they have closed that loophole in their business.

    All you have to do is type ASTON FOREX SCAM into GOOGLE and see all the results.

    William Taylor and his workmates are thieves and fraudsters. There is enough proof for me to say this.

  4. Gert

    wel i finaly did it made a Stupid mistake

    i was called first by Carmen the Leon but she wassn’t convincing enough and i told her about the bad reviews on Forexpeace army
    then few days later i got a call from Danny Andersson he told me a good story and wanted to earn my trust so he told me just open a small account like 1000 euro and then we trade it for u and u take some profit back so u can see it works there is no risk if we loose money we compensate it the first 30 days.
    i feel so stupid i fell for that but i did 🙁
    i openen an account using my Credit card and made over 1000 euro
    then the problem started the Second they did recieve the money he was asking wel if u make over some additional money i can then double it for u and we can start trading on indexes and stuff like that
    i told him i dont have money and told him u wanted to get my trust and start small.
    so he sayd yess yess no problem we can do it with 1000 euro
    oke then i logged in to my account and noticed there where $1000 Dollars on that account
    but i did make over 1000 euro.
    i called him and he told me ow sorry sorry murphy’s law hehehe and they changed it to Euro
    wel at that point i already wanted to get out again as soon as possible
    so i looked at the site and clicked on the withdraw button filled in the paper scanned it and send it back
    i got a Email back in French ?


    Nous avons reçu votre demande, un de nos conseiller prendra contact avec vous dans
    les plus brefs délai.




    We have received your request, our consultant will contact you in
    the shortest period.


    wel no consultant did ever contacted me
    except Danny with the question WHAT happend i did talk to the broker to start trading and now u asking for a refund ?
    at that point i did see that the broker had placed a Sell order on the EURUSD 1 whole Lot on a 1000 euro account no stops and no Take profit ? very very risky

    so i told him i wanted out that i did make a mistake and diddnt feel comfy actualy i really needed that money cos he did talked me into it but i couldnt miss it actualy
    so he told me oke oke i wil talk to the broker

    the same day i did call my Credit card company and ask them if they could maybe do something
    but sadly they told me not really the only thing i can do is ask for a refund and then if i get some Email Replay’s i can send them those Email and they wil try to help me.
    i wil do that this week cos i did give them 2 weeks now to give me back the money.

    oke story continues

    next day i did try to Email Danny again no response i did tell them i want my money back and that i am going to put a bad review on Forexpeacearmy and some other sites like here.
    very shortly i got a Email but not from Danny but from Roni Frank he told me he takes care of danny’s people cos he is out a few days but his Response was strange he told me he wil continue help me getting my money but then he told my why your account is in profit right now.
    i told him i just want to go out i need the money
    btw i did check Roni Frank and Danny andersson they both have Skype but if u look them up on skype u wil see the same picture for both of them ?

    wel i got no replay on his Email
    next day i got a Call from Veronica Hammer. probably the next in line to try to convince people
    she was really trying to lissen to me but at the end of the story asking if i would invest some more noney
    and i told here i really dont have any more money and just want to withdraw i also told them maybe i wil reinvest later this year if i get my Vacation money
    but at that point the cellphone connection was lost

    so i did Email them again but diddnt get any response
    i even did try the Withdraw button on there site again and again got the same Replay Email in French?

    so in short i wished i diddn’t ever get in to them but i cant’t turn back time

    so let this be a warning for people who want proof i can send u my Emails i have from them



  5. Steve

    ASTON forex is a scam which I was duped of USD 11,000. They assured me of USD 20k in a week but lost all my deposit within three days after shorting the DAX JUNE 14.
    Before depositing they sent me emails stating that I will get back my USD 11K if I lose all my deposit. Unntil today I have yet to receive my USD 11,000
    Any recourse to claim back my USD 11,000?

  6. Do not trust

    These two guys also called me about a week ago and were very eager to have me believe it was a very urgent matter to have me send them more than 10k in euros to fund the account so that their “account manager” who claimed to make more than 1000 euros per minute every day would start educating me. Beware of this company and do not send them any money, as I have strong reasons to believe this whole thing was a scam. The first guy wanted to get on the phone with me and do the transaction as soon as possible, while the other was trying to make me believe they were running huge operations. Yet nobody answered the phone on their website after several attempts to veryfy that this actually was their claimed business. Person said he was from yet emails came from, anyway it seems they are related or then they are trying to scam by pretending to be this business. I demanded he send me registration documents of their business and details that i can verify by third party.. He said he will, but never sent anything. Fairly well made scam, but dont get fooled by this. When scratching the surface a foul stench will arise.. For a moment they almost had me fooled.

    As someone else has mentioned this business doesn’t have any clear address and is also not recogniced by Financial Agencies in UK. This should be a warning strong enough for most people.


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