AU Wealth Generation and The Binary Code Method

AU Wealth Generation , using TraderXP as their broker


Sure ! But maybe not with this guy’s help.


You’ll find his image many places on the web, but as different people. On the auwealthgeneration site he is Dr James Campbell, but the image name is actually Dr Glenn T Winters.

He goes on to tell you that you can make easy money, and replace your income with this online job..NO risk! 100% Guaranteed no risk or cost!

He explains how to pick the winning direction of a trade 88.94% of the time, when the chance according to the prices given (1.70) is more like 58%. He provdes no statistical evidence for this. All you have to do is set up your ‘free’ account with  a specific broker: TraderXP and you’re good to go.

Truth is, he does not care whether you win or lose, because he gets a minumum of $100 for each sign up to TraderXP through their affiliate scheme. By the time you’ve found out his system is rubbish you’ve probably just wasted money and time. And good luck if you want to get money out of TraderXP. There’s no path to quick riches in trading. It’s far more treacherous than the scammers make out.

I’m suprised he didn’t recommend the next logical ‘scam’ step, that if your first trade loses, then double up on the next trade, and so forth, until you get a winner, or blow your bank. And you know which one will happen sooner rather than later.. Some scammers claim this will give you a 99.5% chance of winning! Utter rubbish.

He tries to make you feel at ease, and generous, by saying he is merely funded by donations from ‘over-joyed’ users of the system.. $283,840.47 so far!

Don’t bother.

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