Aumine Pty Ltd,

This appears to be the new morph of BGC Trading/Partners/Strategies (all BGC’s three sites have disappeared now), which in turn was a morph of Universal Trading Strategies / UTScorp.

It’s not hard to discover. On their ‘About’ page, Aumine mentions that they are Universal Trading Strategies:

Universal Trading Strategies

This time they’re using for their trading agent. BGC and UTS were using Well it appears that Nice Betting is Bestbets247:

nicebetting 247

They’ll have to win the award for 2015 of Most Stupid Scammers

3 thoughts on “Aumine

  1. Internet Fraud Watchdog

    Internet Fraud Watchdog ( is an International Private Investigation and Debt Collection firm and we are currently investigating BGC Trading PTY LTD, Universal Trading Strategies PTY LTD, Aumine (AUST) PTY LTD and its associated companies. We are representing victims to represent to investigate those behind the companies and recover funds for investors and are currently looking for more investors to join our investigation. Please contact Josh at

  2. John

    Yeah now all they need to do is turn into an honest company who deals fairly and doesn’t rip people off and all will be fine however I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for it to happen because I know it never will.

    1. Eilaine

      Wish I had “done my homework”!
      Alas I am a silly fool!
      I might have well not
      Gone to school!!
      I still have life,
      Not too much faded,
      But all in all, I’m truly
      Another mistake I have just made!
      Trusting a stranger!
      So money gratefully received,
      Just down the drain!
      I didn’t see the danger!


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