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Australian Tipping Guru, Atguru,

update 30/6/14 now punting2win,

I received a cold call the other day from quite a pushy guy that wanted me to sign up t his tipping service. the Australian Tipping Guru, for a special discount price of $450, normally $3,000 !

He said they’d been around for 20 years. I searched the name but hard to find anything, yet apparently they have thousands of customers. Did they have an address or ABN? Yes, but wouldn’t tell me! Finally got it out of them. A little searching¬† reveals they have changed their name several times. Wonder why..

So they’ve also been called Punting to Win, and Swagger Horse Racing Tips (which is an app). Also..Australian Lay Trading Revolution and Accurate One (i’m guessing can’t have been that accurate ).

I asked for results but was told that they can’t supply any due to legislation..because past results might incorrectly suggest future winnings. Hmm…think about that..

So ok, no what’s the strike rate and R.O.I ?¬† Don’t know..but they have lots of testimonials that they swear are the real deal…and that’s all I am meant to base my decision on!

Oddly, the guy on the phone sounded very much like the guy who rang me from Trading Capital Partners 

So, my opinion is treat with a verry large amount of caution.

9 thoughts on “Australian Tipping Guru

  1. Daniel

    I provide a tipping service that i consider to be second to none, we don’t hide any results, all our profit/loss is on our results page on website we don’t charge hundreds of dollars an i don’t believe in charging for a year as you don’t know where things will be. we have monthly packages but January is completely FREE to give people a trial, we don’t offered a discounted rate for a trail we believe this should be free so people can see how it works and what you actually tip. We send out emailed tips once a day and every sunday we have a review email to explain how we went for the week and what went wrong. We have a detailed staking plan that we stick to ensuring a consistent profit. We dont claim to be a money making machine that will turn you rich overnight, it is all about steady and consistent profits for us. Please visit our website or contact us on twitter @bestformbetting if you wish to check out our service. We dont advise people to bet a certain amount of money, we only offer advice and information.

  2. mike

    i have been going real well , i pick and choose which ones i bet on , so far so good , am very happy and much better off

      1. mike

        i mainly have a bet on sports , i don’t know much about horses but this has been excellent for me as i not only get horse tips i also get sport bets . The horse side of it helps as i can put them in my multi’s . I don’t bother betting on 1 thing , i always do multi’s .

        1. mike

          I wonder why my comment is awaiting moderation , maybe it’s due to you not liking what i have to say ? maybe because you run your own punting site? Do you tell your followers that you get a % of their losses on the punt? Your a scam mate , running 2 win???

    1. Mick

      I got a cheaper deal than that, they were crap tips! Searched the net as you did and found multiple businesses registered to this guy! Funnily enough they didn’t contact me to renew at the end of the period! When they were posting results they weren’t the same as the tips they were handing out! I calked them on it and got some crap excuse! Waste of time and money!

  3. dale

    Who cares I’ve been with them for 4 weeks now and have made over $2k. Keep it coming you good thing

    Admin edit: I haven’t had a reply from ‘Dale’. His email is invalid. I think this message is a hoax.

  4. Burned

    Had the same thing happen with me, signed up for Atguru tipping, is usually $3000 but got the introductory price of $450….. Nothing but squid tips. I haven’t had any tips for 3months after getting about 5 wks of squid tips. Now I’m getting badgered by a bloke from punting2win offering 2wks of tips & lay bet tips for $100 then $650 for 6months if I sign up. I told him I’d been stung by Atguru, but he’d never heard of them. It’s all a load of crap but I’ll keep leading him on with another sale…..


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