AustWise Traders

Just another name for International Traders Zurich , or ITZ, a spin-off itself of TPZ and it’s variations.

The ABN reveals the truth:

austwise traders

Now it’s automated trading software they’re flogging. No doubt it doesn’t work like just about all automated trading softwares and everything else that this group has sold over the years.

Read up on their history here and please leave a comment or email us if you have had dealings with them

3 thoughts on “AustWise Traders

  1. Cameron Robinson

    I put some money into income connect aus / in2markets, same guys I think, balance went up then down & cant get any money out

  2. Anthony J Pender

    I have been dealing with Malta Capital Management, who it seems is being used by They are using OaktreeBinary for their trading. I have been having trouble dealing with them. Any information gratefully received. I do have additional information if anyone is interested.

  3. anne

    how on earth can this happen, my stupid husband paid $5 grand to what they call themselves traders…lost the lot, this is in a matter of one week, we would of rather went to the casino…how on earth can they get away with it..someone said current affair, why not?


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