Breaking news (29/09/15)!:
Two arrested over AWS scam

Anderson Wilson Stuart ?
Advanced Wealth Systems ??

I think Anderson Wilson Stuart is the new morph of AWS ( Advanced Wealth Systems). Certainly their brochures are identical apart from the name on the header. Also Andrew Stuart was the registrar of the website, which is now closed (to new clients) even though Anderson Wilson Stuart are newly open for business.

They are selling the same over-priced arbitrage software/system named ‘Market Neutral’ strategy.

To be fair, arbitrage does work. It is possible to find bookmaker odds that can result in a no-lose situation on sporting (or other) events. However, it is not totally foolproof. Odds can change before you have both sides of the bet on. Sometimes the odds change before you get any bets on. You also need a large bank as you will have funds moving around various bookmakers and online banks. You need a lot of liquid funds.

One problem I have with AWS is that they charge way too much for their arb finding software. I think you are better off saving a large part of that fee to use as your bank and get a much cheaper or pay by the month arb finding service or software. See the Betting Tools page for ideas.

The other problem I have with AWS is their obtuseness. Why don’t  they say straight out what it is rather than make out it is something only they know about. Why did they have to change their name??

I suggest you research arbitrage betting and save your money for your arbitrage bank.

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they may also have been called Alpha Wealth Systems

6 thoughts on “AWS

  1. Bob Wightman

    I was scammed by AWS for $10K with Balanced Pair Trading.

    Names of persons I spoke to are: Simon Lewis, Kevin Mills, Rob Maloney, Steve Alexander, Lachlan McBride and Jason Roberts.

  2. Rick

    I was ripped by Advanced wealth systems as well. i did ring Anderson Wilson Stuart after reading something and was answered by the same receptionist. Your money, like mine is gone!

  3. Sha

    This company is a big scam. They charged me $20K for a system that generates circa $3k loss in 2 days, when all stop loss and daily max limits were set (as per their instructions and user manual). They have not provided ANY support since raising this issue with them, and have conveniently turned a blind eye to it. I have sent over 50 emails asking them to look into this issue or refund my money – no replies. As part of the contract we get allocated a Personal Assistant, however each time you need to speak to them you have to go via the receptionist who gives them a message as they are “currently busy”. I have never received a call back the “PA”, even after emailing them with “urgent response required” email subjects. This company is extremely unprofessional and their product is a scam.

    1. Anton

      Hi, I have been stung for $15K and have been chasing them for 9 months now to no avail. Has anyone had any success in getting money back. We are financially ruined.

      1. Sha

        Read information in relation to AWS matters is at:

        The Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission, together with the Queensland Police Service, is conducting an investigation into serious and organised ‘cold call’ investment fraud (known as ‘boiler rooms’) operating from the Gold Coast. This operation is named ‘Unwind’.

        One of the entities under investigation purported to have a connection to a company A.W.S. Pty Ltd ABN 92 078 934 317 (‘AWS’). This entity traded using variations of ‘A W S’ (e.g. Advanced Wealth Systems and Anderson Wilson Stuart). It would appear that you may be a victim relating to the fraudulent activity surrounding the operations of this entity.

        The police have requested to be contacted regarding any information you can provide to assist them in their investigation:


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