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Ballantyne and Barrows , along with EIFO Exchange , , , ,

This is a company that calls out of the blue, supposedly from England, in what must be the middle of the night for them. The guy I spoke to says he is on the Australian shift as they have thousands of clients in Australia ( yeah right).

So they’re selling trading advice that apparently does really well. ( I can’t understand why this guy needs to work in the wee hours of the morning if he could just be trading a couple of hours during the day and sleeping like other people during the night.)

You have to do your trading through their broker: Elite International Futures and Options Exchange ( London). None of the EIFOexchange addresses listed above take you to their website anymore, except for a customer loin page for eifoexchangeonline.

They claim to have been around for 27 years.
All the websites were registered just this year.
Most are registered with domain privacy through a company in Nobby Beach Qld.
Australian connection there??
You’d suspect that they are ringing from Australia rather than the UK too because of the times they call at.

Neither Ballantyne and Barrows, nor Eifo Exchange are listed with the Financial Conduct Authority of the UK

The guy I spoke to gave me a registration number to check on for himself. Problem was, he was only registered with EIFO and not with the FCA as a registered broker. We’re pretty sure EIFO and Ballantyne and Barrows are part of the same team.

We’ve had a couple of emails from people who say they were lured in by advice on stocks about to move that they could buy options on. The trades went ok, but when they came to make withdrawals, access to accounts and communications ceased.

If you’ve had any dealings with them, please get in touch with us.

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  1. Russell

    Have had a call and pushing very strongly that they are genuine . funny part is that they have and old password I used for betting on a dodgy betting program, was a scram (court)


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