Before you invest – Investigate !

There’s a great article here at about investment fraud and techniques used by swindlers to seperate you from your money. It’s not just about Forex fraud. It can apply to any ‘investment’ area.

It’s a long and comprehensive article, so grab a cup of tea and sit down to read it. It’s well worth the investment of your time if you’re ever thinking about investing in anyone else’s scheme.

Catch cry of the article is:’Before you invest – Investigate’ !

read the article here

8 thoughts on “Before you invest – Investigate !

  1. carlo

    hi I am looking at Fibonacci Trading Pty Ltd
    any bad or good reviews?
    I had my broker account with Berndale capital who are under investigation and the site is closed but I have contacted ASIC and made a compliant
    FB Trading was using them as the broker for there Forex system?
    I checked around and no bad reviews on them.
    please advise

    1. admin Post author

      They cold called us a while back trying to get us on to their program.
      The association with Berndale put us off. Sounds like we were right.

      FT were flaky with call backs and evasive in answering questions. Not even sure where they are really located.
      Treat with a high degree of caution.

    2. Carleen

      Hi Carlo. I have FB trading on test. Looks pretty good. Made a reasonable profit for 3 weeks. How did you go. The broker tbey use now is Charter Prime which seem OK.

      1. admin Post author

        The above poster has failed to respond to an email request to provide some evidence.
        Treat as a fake for now..

  2. Chris

    Hi, just wanted to find out some info about a company called
    They called me and said they’d call back within a week with some information regarding tax incentives for homeowners …

    1. admin Post author

      We can’t comment on Wealthrite specifically, but there are several (or maybe they are the same) companies that ring telling you they have information on (new) tax incentives to help you pay off your home loan sooner, help pay for your retirement, etc.
      They are usually based in Qld, Gold Cost. Some are very evasive about where they really are.
      You usually have to pass some ‘qualifying’ criteria. Who knows..maybe everybody passes.
      Investigation in to some of them has shown that they have no new information on tax incentives, and they are usually just trying to get you to invest in investment properties, that they are the owners or developers of.
      Always beware of people ringing out of he blue offering to save you money.
      While the investment into property can be a way to reduce tax through negatively gearing, we’d suggest speaking to your own accountant before getting too involved and if you are looking to proceed after that, make sure it is your own, independent choice of property, not one that the company is recommending you buy as most likely they may have some vested interest in it.

  3. Manny

    Cold Trading International is calling me to invest by buying their Software platform called “PureTrader” and according to aussie scam alert they used to be or are same people as the Charterhurst.

  4. Simon

    I was scammed out of my life savings a few years back and I’ve been looking to become part of any class action against those involved with Chartehurst or Laybet professionals. Can anyone tell me if there is such a thing going on.


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