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betwithus365 ,

Another reinvention of the old ‘forgotten betting account’ scam.

They ring you up to tell you that they have an old account of yours on the books….that used to be managed by a third party, who were located on the Gold Coast (of course).
They will then tell you that there is a substantial sum of money in the tens of thousands of dollars…’What would you like to do with it?’

WIthdraw it of course!
Well they can do that but first there’s a small matter of paying back a credit that was used to start the account (apparently). $4,000 or so.

They are unable to simply take the fee out of your account and send the balance to you…for ‘legal’ reasons..

If you don’t want to pay they can close the account and take the earnings for themselves.
I don’t understand how they could manage to do that but they can’t take a fee out….for legal reasons

Is BetWithUs35 a scam?

Of course it is!

Just like many before: SportsAllBet, Sporstbet247, BetOTL, Brookshire Traders , Kensington Trade… to name just a few!

Their IP is in Russia like most of the others and they claim to be in San Jose, Costa Rica, just like most of the others..

They say they have been running for about 8 years yet their website is only registered from 2016.

Get this straight: if you send them the fee you will not see that money again, nor any of your ‘account balance’. Many have been taken by this scam.
Learn from them!


14 thoughts on “Bet WIth Us 365

    1. admin Post author

      Not much unless you can get your bank or credit card company to do a chargeback or something like that.
      Whatever you do, don’t fall for any traps of sending more money on the promise of getting the rest of your money back!

  1. Chris Pankhurst

    G’day These guys have no conscience. I told them I was recovering from brain surgery, that my wife had passed away suddenly 52yrs ,that I had borrowed money from everyone and that there is no way possible I can get any more money. All true! They wanted 1500- but under the situation they would except 1000- I would very much like to meet them in person.

  2. RTG

    ok well i have just been contacted by betplace 365, exactly the same thing, you have 69,076 euro sitting in an account opened by a third party back in 2011. they want 850 euro to reopen the account and claim the money or bet on, again they provided log in details and a betting history and when u go to the betplace 365 website it all looks very legit. i told them to take the 850 euro out of the 69,000 euro but they cant do that and have said if i dont reactivate it soon the government get the 69,0000 ?

    1. admin Post author

      yes , all BS of course.
      If they were like any other bookmaker they could just take the fee out and them send you the rest. uses the same name servers as Looks like definitely the same gang

    2. Johm

      They did exactly the same thing to me, they are very good, I got in so deep the only way I could see to get out was to believe them, they became my friends and wanted to help me, ( so I thought) , I lost over 1/2 a mill, get out while you can. I was brainwashed. They are no better than slime.

  3. Tony

    Hi I have also been contacted by saying the same. Their url is based in Russia. These guys again referred to an account which was created by a 3rd party for me from the Gold Coast some years ago. The interesting thing is that they can email you the original login details including the original password which I had changed away from the first time I had logged in on the original account that was started by the 3rd party. That’s what made me suspicious the first time I was approached by these scammers. each time it is a different alleged betting company. This is the 3rd try they have had. Same login details but different amount in account, different betting company, different amount to have the account released from suspension and different currency. I hope that no one falls for this scam. I got caught with the original scam and wrote it off. if this happened to you don’t let it happen again.

  4. Lyndon

    The “prizes” are getting better. They rang this week with an offer of nearly 500,000 Euro all to be collected for about A$1000. When I told him to piss off, he rang back – about four times and then today (July 7, 2017) he rang again. I am a retailer and told the scam bloke what I thought about him in f… words and hung up, only to be followed by another bloke with no accent on the same scam! Can’t believe their perseverance!

  5. Zac

    These pricks are relentless
    Asking me for 850 pounds to open the account again BWU365 then i have access to over 100000 pounds to withdraw! total bullcrap
    same scum from the gold coast i reckon too, total scammers beware

    1. Lyndon

      Incredible. They don’t go away. As I said in my comments, even when you swear at them and hang up, they keep ringing back!

  6. Ben

    Yeah. The scum just contacted me. Going to find out about my old account and get back to me. Thanks for the heads up. The scum would all be on the Gold Coast still. They should get the death penalty if caught.

    1. admin Post author

      also got a call from another one the other day: Euro Backing , and the guy mentioned they used cybertab for the betting portal. used to be used with another similar scam but is now expired. Guy was very rude and expected me to just send the fee without asking any questions. The eurobacking site is very basic, not even finished.


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