BetOTL ( Bet On The Line, ) are running a similar scam to TPGbet

They ring up and tell you that you had an account opened by another company (that you may or may not have already been scammed by in the past) and it is now worth tens of thousands of dollars.However. It is now suspended /de-activated because you haven’t used it in so many years. The story goes that the previous company got them to open an account for you but didn’t send the funds through, so all the trading that was done on your account, was all on credit.

They must be using someone’s old database because they had my name, old email, old address and even a password I might have used, so they can be quite convincing.

The catch is though that you need to send them the initial deposit money so they can re-activate the account, then you’ll be able to withdraw your balance. can send half the deposit and they’ll release half the funds. If you suggest that they just take your deposit out and send to you the rest they say no deal, can’t do that, when it would be the logical solution. They told me I had 43,000 in my account but needed to pay the 5,000 that they ‘credited’  to me in the beghinning. After I sent that, I would also need to pay an additional 65 Euro transfer fee.

Why you shouldn’t trust BetOTL

First of all , it sounds like what TPGbet were doing/trying for the last couple of years and there’s enough testimonials to tell you that once you send your money, that wil be the last you hear from them.

I looked at the IP address for both the TPGbet and BetOTL websites and they are the same!..located here:

Bet on the line
IP address of BetOTL

Gives you a lot of confidence huh, especially when they claim to be in Costa Rica. The website was only launched in February this year.

There was no ‘withdrawal’ page on the website either, so I don’t know how I’d withdraw my money once I got in  , if I ever did!

They gave me a telephone number that I could call them back on.. +852 , which is the country code for Hong Kong. When I asked the sales rep about it, he said he didn’t understand, and then gave the answer later that it was a satellite number. I asked him to prove he was in Costa some streets, take a photo, show me ID…nothing, he gave up and hung up. ( now I hear they gave someone else a number that goes to somewhere in Africa).

So they claim to be in Costa Rica. The bank where they want you to send your ‘fee’ to is in Cypress, and the telephone number is in Hong Kong. How do you think you would go if something went ‘wrong’ as it is sure to do!

I’ve had one report so far from someone who sent them over $50,000 and hasn’t seen a single cent yet. All they do is keep stringing them along. There’s always another fee to pay.

More complaints about this type of scam here at and again

Some TPGbet testimonials here

19 thoughts on “BetOTL

  1. Paul

    It appears that they are still operating a bloke by the name of Robert Harris has been hasseling me to send $2500 for them to release 40 odd thousand gbp, and then I find this!!

  2. Rudy

    My experiences are the same as all above.All the names,phone numbers,where they are based,all have some sort of connection with each other no matter what name they use or what part of the world these scum bags opperate from.I’ve had numerous phone calls from these scums,strung them along & did not forward any money luckily.I often wonder how they would react if we gave them an old credit card number which was way expired but give them a fake current expiry date?Ha Ha.Just when they think they’d sucked you in,you could string them along & have the last laugh.Just remember people,if it sounds too good to be true,it probably isn’t true.

  3. Murray

    I got a call today ,was told i have $76983.13 dollars in my account,if it sounds to good to be true it usually is ,I’m going to tell them to take the 1032 euros out of that account and send me the rest ,don’t think i will hear from them again .Murray

  4. glen

    They called me the other day and again today same story I have $125,000 whoo hoo if only it was true. Now that I have read all these testimonial about how they are scamming people I don’t feel like such an idiot cant wait till they call tomorrow

  5. Jon Jones

    Wow , Monica sounds lovely !!!! She said I also had heaps of $$$$ with a familiar password ? Thanks so much everyone for the “heads up”

  6. Ranald Mcdonald

    Same story and yes spoke to Ross Hawkins.They knew my password from an old account with another betting mob.

  7. Norman

    Interesting that tpgbet was also mentioned, it also has the same account in Cypress. They go to a lot of effort to run scams. If they put that much effort into real work Country’s Like Greece and Africa would be in better shape. Australia’s scam capitol seems to be based in Surfers Paridise Qld.
    I’d like to think that I’m the last idiot to fall for this, but probably not.
    Haven’t put any on this one, thanks to “Just Answer”, but put some on one called Supatab and Platinum Professionals years ago.
    They all have smooth talkers with different lines.
    Next time I want to invest I’ll go and talk to a broker.

  8. michael

    sportbet 247 , ??? received many a phone call regarding my old suspended account which now has aprox $122,000.00 in it. To bring account out of suspension and release, I need to forward $980 EURO which is approximately $1413.00. the address given :

    Detrás del Banco Central Calle 2
    San Jose
    Costa Rica
    phone no. 0011 852 8199 0136.

    Banking details of company :
    WSB Group Ltd
    77 Strovolos Ave
    Nicosia Cyprus Bank account : Hellenic Bank HEBACY2NXXX Iban -CY32 0050 0190 0001 9007 6698 940

    one of the people I spoke to was ROSS HOWKINS , Monica Bright in accounts

    1. admin Post author

      That address is the same as BetOTL claim to be at. Maybe next time they ring, ask them if they know anything about BetOTL. Yes, it’s a very clever scam, with the info they have about old accounts. The Australian link to WMN ENterprises may be how they come to have the info.

    1. admin Post author

      I never heard of anyone getting their money. I only ever hear of NOT receiving their money. Do not fall for it!

  9. Wayne

    Yeh had a call today from these boys, using the name Charles Sary…pay us $4k and we will send you $60k.
    This came about from an investment by Granger Trust supposedly based in Hong Kong that went aria. BetOTL were coming to the rescue to recover the money they lost, which was paid into the local bank here of wwm enterprises. See email below.

    The payment can be made directly to WWM Enterprises Pty Ltd using the details below

    WWM Enterprises Pty Ltd
    Westpac Bank
    BSB: 033086
    Account: 406378

    Kind Regards,

    Paul Butcher
    Accounts Manager
    Grainger Trust Ltd
    34th Floor Tower One,
    Times Square, 1 Matheson St
    Causeway Bay, Hong Kong SAR

    1. admin Post author

      Interesting info there!
      Have you tried getting your bank to get your money back from WWM?

      Hardly suprising .. Grainger Trust and BetOTL are probably the same people

  10. Ann

    I must say I had misfortune dealing with Betotl Detras Del Banco Central Calle 2 San Jose Costa. They sounded so genuine, that they really sucked me in. I am giving you the names of the people I had dealings with .so others can be aware. Ashley Miller- Matt Johnson- Peter Van Der Merwe- Anita Santos- Carla Ramirez- Michael McHendrick- Stephanie Andrews. I only wish I found this page before transfering monies into there account .Also I would like information about online Betting. Regards Ann

  11. Phil

    the old man had this call today. Similar system (you had a horse betting account, it has $$ money in it)
    I agree they must have a database of somesort as they also had a very old password he would have used along time ago. They required $3000 to help release the funds.
    Strung them long for while and they gave up. They might call back…


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