Betting tools and software

Betting Systems and Investment Strategies to help you make extra income

Whether you are using your own selections, or someone else’s selections, or want something that bets according to market movements, you can find tools and solutions here.

For all of you who have been intruiged by Laybetting, one of the best, low cost softwares is The Laying Game. Check out their results page here.

A great, well proven live race trading method is Betfair ATM. It has been profitable for years and always near the top of best betting system polls. Check it out here

If you’re doing your own stuff and want to trade as well, there are betting bots for that. I use the Gruss software, Betting Assistant. It’s for manual bet management and trading mainly.

Geeks Toy has similar functionality with more training.

BetAngel is another very good one with plenty of training on their website. It’s more expensive than Gruss or Geek’s Toy, but see it here

There’s also Greyhorsebot. WIth this one you can load your own or other’s selections , manually or by spreadsheet. It will handle betting to your settings while you sleep. They also supply a System creation tool and have a great bonus section for trials and systems.

There are some automated betting bots that select and bet for you.
Mystery Horse Bot showed some promise. It is a little tricky to set up though.
Favourites Phenomenon uses progression betting but can be quite consistent over the long term. It’s steady rises and sharp drops but should overall slowly increase. See it here

One great tipping service is the Pro Betting Club

The Pro Betting Club is a team of professional gambling experts and horse
racing tipsters who have been providing customers with successful betting
information for many years.  The subscription plans are extremely competitive                      compared to many other services. Quality horse racing information from                          experienced industry insiders with a proven track record.

Take a look at what each service can offer you from the link below.

Pro Betting Club

If you are interested in Arbitrage ( making bets that can’t lose (if placed correctly) ), rather than paying over $10,000 as some companies would want you to do, you can pay for the month, get superior software and training and aso be able to use what you would have spent on licence fees for your bank instead!

Try Rebel Betting for  a start.
The great thing is that unlike the scams, you can usually get in for peanuts (comparatively) and also trial periods and full money back guarantee! (but check each ones conditions in case there are some variations)

As always, you should carefully make your own decisions as to what is right for you. Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. Start small.

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