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WARNING ! now also cloned as Passive eBay Income.

passive ebay income

Thanks to someone who emailed us a  question about Bidlife we have stumbled upon a scam that has been running for a while that has completely plagiarised other legitimate information and testimonials from the web and is scamming people by selling them courses on how to run ebay businesses but they never deliver anything!

They are charging around $6,500 for the courses and also promise done for you sites and products.

At first the website reads very well ( after all, it is stolen from other legitimate websites) but there were a few red flags. Firstly they never say who they are, no names, even though the blurb on the pages tells about how ‘they’ have built a great ebay business.

Secondly, the website has a cheap domian (.info) rather than a or even .com. Investigating they have listed it with Private Registration which is a little odd..why should they be hiding who they are?

Third, the ASIC registration lists them as operating in Bundall on the Gold Coast which is a scammer hotspot and always warrants further investigation ( not that every business there is a scam). The address listed on the website however is 201 George St, Brisbane. This twigged with us as it was the same address given by another recent scam, Australian Market Trading Professionals ( We had physically checked that address in late 2014 and it doesn’t exist ! Further investigation on whois for reveals identical private registration details and domain hosting.

Documents obtained reveal that they are using the same bank account at AMTP, along with the same name for their head guy, Steve Davis, but this time a different photo..that of Mark Peter Davis from the US.

I checked a well known Australian website that has a good reputation in the Ebay course business and lo and behold one of their testimonial videos is the same on A phone call to them confirmed the scam and they said the AFP are already involved and many people have lost thousands of dollars.

Check out their Guarantee…poorly written and banking details for AMTP (AusMTP)

Bid Life Gurantee

Do not touch Bidlife under any circumstances!

Please contact us if you have been contacted by Bidlife , Wealth Solutions Australia or Smart Money Trading

So what to do if you have given them your money?

You can try requesting a charge back either on your credit card, Paypal or bank transfer. It’s a clear case of fraud. Don’t give up if they reject your first effort!


Complaint submitted to ACCC 17/3/15: Web form ID: 400038613


Plagiarising other websites material, testimonial and impersonating another person (using their image to represent themselves).

Selling Ebay courses for $6,600 but delivering nothing.

Falsifying business address.

more detail at

This complaint will be published on along with any response, or lack of response.


Reported to Scamwatch 17/3/15:

They sell ebay courses for $6600 but don’t deliver anything.

They have been plagiarising other websites material, testimonial and impersonating another person (using their image to represent themselves).

Falsifying business address. (201 George St does not exist)

more detail at

many people have lost their money.

Please contact me at

This complaint will be published on along with any response, or lack of response.


emailed Fair Trading Queensland with the same.


let’s see how they respond….

Well we got a response from Fair Trading tday…rather pathetic. Makes you wonder if they even read..

“I refer to your email dated 17 March 2015 notifying of a possible scam.

Thank you for your email.

Should you wish to register your information on a site dedicated to the reporting of scams you can do so by lodging a report via Scamwatch which is a site dedicated to the reporting of scams, particularly ones that originate from outside Australia. Scamwatch is administered by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. I have linked you directly to the Scamwatch website so you can obtain further information on its role.

It is important that the public is aware of scams. We recommend people talk about scams with people they know so more people become more aware of scams.

I hope this information is of assistance to you. However, should you require clarification you may wish to speak to a Customer Service Officer on telephone 13 QGOV (13 74 68).

Kind regards,

Brisbane OFT
Office of Fair Trading”

5 thoughts on “Bidlife

  1. Craig Post author

    I got taken by BIDLIFE an eBay trading business for $ 5500.00 6 months ago along with a bloke in NSW for $ 6600.00 and a Lady in QLD for more. I am sure there was and is more I don’t know of. I last heard that he has been trading as PASSIVE EBAY INCOME stinging people for $ 6600.00 each I contacted the QLD Fraud Squad 6 months ago when it first happened, they said I had to fill in a QLD Police Report I said were do I get one of them, She said a QLD Police Station, I said then what She said fill it in hand it into a QLD Police Station, I said sounds like a lot of driving to me as I live in SW Victoria. So somehow we go the QLD Police report filed Weeks went by so I rang the QLD Police they said I would have to speak to my local police station they said I would have to file a report with ACORN. So I did. Now for 5 months I have emailed ACORN monthly asking for a progress report and not 1 reply And this bloke is still walking around taking other peoples money

    1. NSW

      Sad to see this idiot has caught more innocent folks in his web of crap. (Bidlife)
      As angry as i was, i must admit since being caught out myself, this bloke has woken me out of my trusting ways.
      Nothing wrong with trying to forge head with whatever opportunities come my way, but now i actually check everything out before i will give over any of my hard earned money again.
      I am disappointed in the police or acorn, for not taking a more active interest in trying to catch this guy, i too wrote in, i also spoke to a detective who was pursuing this with more interest than her collogues, i followed her instruction, as did a fellow scammed individual whom together we did console each other (as we both came down from the feelings of embarrassment and loss), we too did not get any follow up correspondence as described in the most recent report by Craig, thus my disappointment in the folks we trust to the pursuing of these idiots who actively troll for innocents like us.
      So Craig, when you get on the other side of your annoyance with yourself, treat yourself to something nice, take a deep breath, and say to yourself , I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me, and thank you for being me. (this is way not me , but In a book i was reading these words seem to resonate with me )
      So lets go again , but this time, with a new set of eyes that see everything.
      For myself i have since come across legitimate opportunities, and thanks to the Bidlife experience, I have really checked them out this time, while I’m not making a million dollars, i am happy, i am in control of what i now do, with awesome folks around me, i am on track to making back more than i have lost (sorry not MLM) ( I am not saying MLM is bad, its just not me.) So to my fellow scammed folks, there is always better choices on the other side of this, Through SHOCK comes change, you like me are smart, we get it, good luck on your ventures whatever they may be. NSW

  2. steve

    This maggot is still in contact with me, (while i believe i have done my money, i guess like others), i believe he will try and touch me for more .
    He has just now phoned me saying things will be up and running very soon, i continue to play the naive mug he thinks he has …until he severs the link between us.
    I have herd from a legitimate source he has scammed others …he took me for $6600.00 embarrassed as i am to have to admit it
    Steve O

    1. David P

      the maggot got me too for $6,600.00 and is still ringing me to sign up for another 2 ebay sites. obviously his recommending”people”were his mates spinning the same story. Be aware of bidlife and the f#$ckwit running the show named Steve Davis. Pissed off with myself as i should have investigated further into this company and scam.


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