Binary Options Scams

Seems there is a spate of these lately, all over the web. We’ll try and name as many of them as we can here. Usually they appear on pop-up windows while visiting various sites. Sites that may be perfectly legitimate, but they have to fund themselves somehow and these ads may appear even on reputable ad networks. ( Heck, they may even show up on this site!)

The ads usually tout Easy money making, replace your income, in a few minutes a day, anyone can do it, and you only need start with a hundred dollars or so. And if you click away, they’ll be quick with an offer to let you start for free ( if they haven’t already told you you can start for free)! Often they will tell you that you can use their proprietary software for free to get the winning trades.

The ads tell you that Johnny made $92,707 in only three months, Sarah made $21,487 in 21 days, and Alice made $249, 228 in one year, etc, etc

All it really is, is signing you up to a Binary Options broker, who will pay the scammer a juicy commission on your sign up and even ongoing commissions on how much you lose.

This is obviously working for the scammers because we see these ads repeatedly.

The work worldwide. Here’s a piece from Canadian news:

Let’s start naming: ( this is by no means a comprehensive list. It’s just the tip of the iceberg)

Binary Options Scammers

Market Buster
The Aussie Method
The Sydney System
The Brit Method
The Canuck Method
The Amissio Formula   (Broker not shown. You just have to deposit money to an unknown account! )
The Profit From Home System   ( this girl is so full of it  that it makes you want to puke.  Of course, she’s got such a big heart she’s giving you her system for FREE! First time we saw the video she was Australian (with a shocking accent) and had to go pick up her kids from school on Boxing Day !. Now she’s American )
Cloud Trader
Golden Goose
Guardian Angel
Alive in 5
Profit Infinity
Magnetic Profit
Greenwood Formula ( with $10,000 guarantee!? )
Quantum Code
Opus Formula
Drexel Code
Zulander Hack
The Cash Code
George Professor ,   ( he says 35+ years trading experience. It’s more like 35+ years scamming experience. He’s been around for ages flogging rubbish)
Free Money System ,
Blazing Trader,


Binary Options Brokers

Just search their sites for ‘Affiliates’ or ‘Affiliate Program’ etc. There you will find how much they are paying out your buddy, the scammer.

Binary Brokerz

Up to $100 per lead, 20% commission share ( and higher!)

If you want to read an in depth report of what it is like inside the world of Binary Options scammers, read this great piece from The Times of Israel

Latest news report:




Send us names of any others you come across please.

One thought on “Binary Options Scams

  1. Gary

    Can you tell me anything about Infinity Investments. Have been called out of the blue and told I have won a tablet but it came with the condition of a half hour (free) consultation with a financial advisor “to lower our home loan quicker”.
    Is this an outright scam or is it just a marketing ploy to get a foot in our door do you think. Do you have any other enquiries/ feedback about this company ? Can’t find anything concrete online against them but just find the call and offer suspect.

    Regards Gary


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