Scam Alert: have received two reports about this cleaning service. Both people said that they had booked cleaning services but that no-one turned up for the appointment.
Read below for one persons complete report:

“My daughter contacted a cleaning company online called
They were to carry out a clean on her apartment on a certain day but when the time came they did not show. They do not have a phone number you can call, all correspondence is by email alone. They also give you an online quote that must be paid up front.
When my daughter contacted them by email they informed her that they had to cancel her clean as they had an emergency cleaning job come up. When she asked for her $300 back she was told that there is a $200 cancellation fee even though they were the ones who cancelled. They told her that they sent her a text message (which she never recieved as then she would of had a number to return call).
She asked for $100 to be returned but they informed her that she had to pay the $200 first before they would refund the $300. (I know, its ridiculous).
They have not refunded any money or contacted her further.
This company is a scam and everyone needs to be advised not to contact this group.
Firstly to not even have a phone number to ring should warn people away but unfortunately the young are sometimes all too trusting.”

More reports at:


Also reported as

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