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This, the latest offering from Larry Pickering.

If you haven’t read of Pickering’s exploits, you could start here:

or here with Gamble Investigations

Looks like they are selling  training for financial market trading.

Only registered in April this year as a company and NOT registered for GST !

Ok, so I’ve done some more research:                                                                                          David Morgan is the Director. He was also Manager for EQ Trading

The address on their contract is the same as that on CM Business’ contract.
Same rare billing system as EQ Trading: BillBuddy (hard to trace payments)
CM Business is also linked to EQ Trading by it’s owners Peter Klisch and Nuccia Fulsco.

Now, they quite probably do provide you with training of sorts. How good it is is another question, but common opinion by more learned people is that there are far better avenues to learn trading for much less committment. The other thing to ask yourself is, ‘will they still be there to train me in a few months, a year…or will they be some other business by then? Not a good track record.

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  1. Peter Klisch

    Stardian provides ongoing weekly one on one mentoring.

    Again, I’m addressing posts on this thread criticising our company. They are from an anonymous source. We have not, nor have ever had a client by that name. They are promoting another competitors website by disparaging my company. I ask the moderators to please remove their posts.

    If you have any questions, please call me on 1800 149 368. We cover all aspects of knowledge and training required to trade the Forex market which include technical analysis and fundamentals.

    Above all, we provide a weekly one on one mentoring sessions that go for one hour per week ongoing. What we don’t do is just provide access to a website or newsletter or course material. We train our clients one on one, week in, week out. Because of the staff hpours required, we are not the cheapest on the market, but in my opinion we provide the best service.

    Peter Klisch
    Managing Director
    Stardian Learn To Trade
    1800 149 368

    1. jake

      I am writing this reply to address the claims made by Mr Peter Klisch, Managing Director
      Stardian Learn To Trade, that his company do indeed teach their paying students about a fundamental analysis of the economic markets when it comes to forex trading.

      The fact is they do, but it is all mainly fluff, without any real substance as to the how and why the market and prices are moving.

      I have a copy of my training manual and I will make mention here of the extent of training on Fundamental analysis I received in my time as a payed student in his company.

      -Each country releases important economic news announcements
      -Following the release of an announcement, price action can be very volatile
      -It is important to know when an announcement will occur so that you can manage your trades effectively
      -The most important economic news announcement each month is the “US Non-Farm Employment Change”
      -This announcement generally occurs on the first Friday of the month at 10:30pm AEDT
      -You should avoid trading at this time as price action can be extremely volatile – The Red impact news announcements are the most important ones to consider. The calendar also identifies which particular currency the news release is going to impact
      -How to set the calendar to your time zone

      And that is it – that is the extent of the fundamental analysis I received from this company.

      No mention of the following – which REALLY are what moves the price of global currencies:
      -Central Bank policies (The driver of all global price action)
      -The tools that the Central Banks use to manipulate their currency prices – Interest rates (the most major one), price limits, language and talk, quantitative easing (QE)
      -The economic indicators that drive the Central Bank’s policy making, and ultimately how currency prices can be moved – Growth indicators, inflation figures, employment figures, economic production figures, geopolitical tensions and how they shape currency pricing. Then you will need to examine exactly what indicator the Central Bank of an economy is focusing on at any given time, plus what indicators they are using to manipulate their currency price at any given time, in order to hopefully have some type of understanding as to which direction their currency in relation to another currency will move at any given time period.

      ^ and those are just a brief outline, you need to study each and every one of these things in much greater depth in order to understand how and why currency price is moving the way and direction it does, and how each of these tools and indicators interact with each other in a dynamic economic environment. You will need to study all of this and know it extremely thoroughly and well in order to have any chance of trading forex prices successfully.

      Furthermore, you will need an understanding of many other things too, for example Bunds and the purchasing of them, options expiries and how they effect the forex market, oil price (WTI Crude prices), gold price, commodity prices etc, and even this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding the movement of currency prices on the market.

      Plus, then there are other things, such as examining what the fair price/value of a currency pair and where it’s price is versus where it really should be, also market sentiment and what drives it, the mood of the market and how that can drive forex prices as well.

      And even all of this is just a brief outline for having any chance of becoming a successful forex trader. There is so much more in depth studies and analysis that is required to trade forex successfully, most of which are too in depth to be covered here.

      The trainers in this company DO NOT teach how to do a fundamental analysis of a currency or a country’s economy, only brush over it with a “stay out at a major market moving event”, which is nowhere near enough to teach a student who wants to trade forex successfully. If they are professional traders with certifications, surely they will know about this and teach this in depth to their students. Unfortunately they do not, from my experience with this company as a student.

      1. Peter Klisch

        Stardian provides individual one on one weekly mentoring teaching people how to trade the Forex Market.

        In response to comments re fundamentals.

        There is a saying that goes: “All known and unknown fundamentals are reflected in price”

        At Stardian we pay attention to fundamentals but we are predominantly technical traders, meaning that we see price as the leading indicator. In my opinion, it’s not possible for an individual retail trader to be aware of all the fundamentals that affect the market price of a currency, not to mention the inside information that’s not publicly available. However, all of this information is reflected in the market price of a currency. Price is much easier to follow and analyse on a chart than mountains of, often conflicting, information.

        There is a well known technical trader and author who has written many books on the subject of Technical Trading I remember once reading how he got started in it. Many years ago before the dawn of the internet , circumstances took him to an isolated area in the NT. He was a share trader and all he had to go on were the share prices as they changed each day which he got from the news paper. From this, he developed a charting system and traded very successfully using no fundamentals at all. His nickname today is the “Chart Man” and he swears by technical over fundamental analysis.

        Traders are made, not born and everybody has to start somewhere. At Stardian we train and mentor new traders. Stardian individual weekly mentoring is the key. I believe that people learn better and faster when they have a personal coach and mentor.

        At Stardian we teach a simple easy charting strategy to begin with, that our clients find easy to master. Once clients master this we teach a more advanced charting strategy. We also spend a lot of time on risk management and the psychology of trading. This very important because Forex trading is a leveraged instrument. Forex is an over the counter decentralised market. There is no exchange as such. Prices of one currency against another are set by interbank trading and change constantly minute by minute 24 hours per day. Forex Brokers make a market based on the trading activities of the banks. The retail trader is then able to place trades with a Forex Broker at up to 200:1 leverage.

        In my opinion and that many other experts, the best way to keep track of all of this market activity is to track price behaviour. It’s simple and it’s effective. All can this can be done from a chart. If you want to research this premise for yourself, look up technical trading. There have been volumes of books written on the subject.

        In my opinion, the so called “fluff” on fundamentals, that the poster refers to that we teach, is all that’s necessary to know and I stand by that.

        Price action and analysis of price movement is key and simpler.

        “All known and unknown fundamentals are reflected in price”

        We differ in our opinion and so be it.

        Peter Klisch
        Managing Director

    2. Bruce

      Phil Callard lied to me with his demonstration he showed me which I can prove by video and audio,
      I was told they would trade for you this is a lie they have now Halifax in New Zealand doing this after lots of complaints.
      I was told they have watch me in action one at 4 PM one at 6 PM one at 10 PM this is a lie.
      I was told it would only take two hours a day this is a lie
      I was told they had a unique colour set up this is misleading because they go on to teach you other methods that you did not know about at the beginning.
      I was told that you have a guarantee of 50,000 in 12 months after 10 months I have that zero if you want to lose $5,900.00 plus monthly fees of $390.00 if they are so good why did they engage Halifax to do the trading for their clients instead of keeping their agreement that they auto trading facility we will trade for you this is a blatant lie I have video tapes proving that they only started with Halifax in October 2015. Stardian and their team claimed to be so successful then why is it that they do not do the trade for you it is because people would find out the truth that they are not as good as they claim to be to not pay this company any money or listen to their salesperson Phil Callard who is a liar and will deceive you into believing that he is a honest person.

  2. jake

    Well, I was live trading with them for over 1 and a half years. There was NO training on any Fundamentals of the market, only technical setups. When I talk about fundamentals, I mean what economic events move and shape the global forex as well as other markets. I am not just talking about the “look, there is a red flagged event on forex factory, so stay out of the trade”, I am talking about months and months of learning economic indicators such as what CPI is and how it affects the economy of a country, what are the GDP figures and what to they mean and how do they impact, what is QE and what it does to a currency or and economy, how interest rates effect the movement of a currency and it’s CURRENT SENTIMENT etc. One of your trainers didn’t even know what the bubank was and want it stood for when it came up in a webinar on Forex Factory (it stands for Bundesbank, if anyone is interested). What is West Texas Intermediate Crude oil and which currency price it directly effects. NONE OF ANY OF THIS WAS EVER COVERED IN YIUR TRAINING PROGRAM, and for the price of that training, studying oscialltors and other indicators alone, without knowing what exactly moves the price of the currency itself, it is one expensive scam.

    NO, NONE OF ANY OF THE ABOVE WAS EVER TAUGHT BY THIS COMPANY, THUS MAKING IT’S INVESTMENT STRATEGIES A PURE SCAM FOR WHAT YOU PAY FOR. A exuberant monthly fee plus a very pricey upfront payment to study colours and levels on charts, with no clear economic fundamentals studys on what moves the currency and global world markets.

    If you want to learn forex trading, learn the fundamentals of macroeconomics, and forget studying technicals, you will lose in the end. Unfortunately, all this company teaches is a few technical analysis strategies that hardly work well.

    If you can’t site the credentials of the trainers and their actual degrees (anyone can say they are a master of whatever on the internet without visual proof) then you just can’t take it on face value or trust alone.

    If you want to know what I am talking about with regards to learning the market fundamentals, I would suggest any of your students who stumble on this forum to look up a person called Jarrat Davis on the internet, to get a good idea of what I am talking about with regards to learning and understanding the market and economic fundamentals and how they drive the forex market, as opposed to just looking for technical setups with no fundamentals understanding. Telling students that there is a red event on the chart and should be aware of it, without explaining why the event is red, or why the event moves the market the way it does without explaining any macroeconomic background to each is akin to saying the colour of a clear sky is blue without explaining the science as to why a clear sky looks blue in colour.

    This business is a scam, like others who have been with it longer term have found out.

  3. Peter Klisch

    Stardian is not a scam.

    I’m addressing the concerns that are on this forum saying that Stardian don’t take into account fundamentals of the market. Whereas in fact we do. All of our analysis is to do with technical setups and fundamentals of the market. In fact before every trade we always check the news items and clients are taught to look out for all the fundamentals that can affect the the market.

    Stardian and Stardian Learn to Trade are the registered business names of EQ Trading Pty Ltd. EQ Trading has been in business since 2009. I, Peter Klisch am the Managing Director and owner of the Stardian. Our training encompasses everything from the basics through to the professional. As far as I’m aware, we are the only Forex training company that provides ongoing individual mentoring.

    The training and starts right from the very basics and assumes the client knows nothing about Forex market and goes right through to understanding all areas of the market and particularly the psychology of trading.

    Please don’t pay attention to anonymous posters on forums. If you have questions, please call me on 1800 149 368. We are located on Level 5, The Forum Building, 26 Orchid ave Surfers Paradise Qld. We have been at this address since the business started in 2009.


    Peter Klisch
    Managing Director
    Stardian Learn To Trade 1800 149 368

    1. Bruce

      I like to reply to Peter Klisch who advises that Stardian is not a scam. I personally believe it is a scam why lie people and advise them that they are going to trade for you they even have this in their contract. I have audio and video evidence of Nathan Duncan and now Dave advising me that they never had the staff to do this. Nathan told me throughout the whole time that he had been there they had never traded for anyone. Phil Callard told me that would normally take 6 to 8 weeks however when I spoke to Duncan months later I was told it depends on the individual.
      I was by Dave that Nathan and Duncan have left on Thursday 4th February 2016. I was sent an email by Dave and spoke to him personally have audio tape where Dave advises us that he has upgraded the platform and he was the one who made up the platform originally. The reason why the platform has been upgraded was because it was giving force indicators and wrong information when we had it on 15 minutes which showed you were going into London time this was interfering with the indicators we have been advised by Dave on Thursday 25th February that he is going to upgrade the platform again because Halifax is upgrading there’s. My point if they are so good why do they not keep their word and honor the contract or agreement where they say they will trade for you then you could see for yourself how good they are.

      I have video evidence when Nathan set my account up with Halifax in October well they are a lot more experience at currency trading that I am however so far only made $270 extra that’s from October 2015 to 3rd March 2016 according to the lasts statement that Halifax sent me.
      Phil Callard told me at the time that I had a guarantee of earning $50,000 by the time my contract is up I would have lost over $10,000 so if you want to lose money please give it to these people. We used to get weekly training however I was advised by Dave this has to change because they would go broke all could go broke.
      We used to hear Nathan training other people while we were on the webinar’s training however lately to me it sounds like Dave is at home because you can hear somebody washing up all banging the dishes.
      Since Dave has been training me and talking on the webinar it is a lot different than Nathan and Duncan where Nathan told me I had to take the four-hour resistance into consideration Duncan told me monthly weekly daily all resistant had to be taken into consideration that does not seem to me to be a consistent way of training people. Dave advised all of us he was the one who made the program and set up the colour system so you think he would be the one who would know however Duncan and Nathan had a different way of training you. Stardian does not have any unity regarding their training method if they did would not get such a different way of three different people training you. I am not a salesperson I did not work for Stardian.
      I have nothing to gain only to tell the truth.
      Please take note it is now Friday 4thMarch 2016 and since I have paid Stardian in May 2015 I have not any money only lost money by paying monthly $390.00.
      I feel sorry for any person who thinks are going to make money by believing anything Phil Callard says I am not sure if you still works for the company or a salesperson however the biggest question I have if you have to upgrade your program because it was giving the wrong singles information according to Dave how could you ever had gain and money and now has to be upgraded for the second time. I would personally advise anyone not to invest in the above company unless you like to gives your money away

      1. Bruce

        I would also like to say if I was told the truth in the first place and I know what I know now I would never have paid $5900 or believed anything that Phil Callard said to me and agreed to pay $390 per month for training I have honoured my contractual agreement however they had not honoured their contractual agreement.

      2. Peter Klisch

        Dear Bruce,

        Can I start off by saying that I am extremely uncomfortable discussing any member’s trading performance in a public forum. To begin with it likely contravenes the Privacy Act. In my opinion it is totally unprofessional. Even though I could use what I know to counter your comments, I will not do so publicly.

        Now that may sound like a politician talking, but, embarrassing members is tacky and shows desperation. It will not happen while I own the company.

        Instead we make the exact same promise to every member:

        1. If you have a problem then let us personally review your trades (daily if necessary) until we have you trading profitably.
        2. Every trader knows they have a set of ‘Bad Habits’ they do better then any other trader on the planet 🙂
        3. Problem is, like any bad habit, you really don’t know you are doing it because you do it subconsciously.

        That is where the Stardian system shines. We have the experience to spot the bad habits and help you correct them. No professional athlete ‘goes it alone.’ Yet Forex Trading in Australia is a ‘solo sport???’ We believe coaching builds professional traders. Not software. We also believe that every trader needs a coach, no matter how good they think they are, because everyone is human & will make mistakes.

        Regards the upgrade of the software. As you know it coincides with the Halifax platform upgrade. Your comments as to the old system being ‘faulty’ are not accurate. The markets never stand still and neither does trading system software.

        We constantly test and upgrade all our trading software. David is the original developer of the system. But we have upgraded it, as required, over the years he was absent. As David has mentioned, numerous times in the webinars of late, he believed the old system could be streamlined to make it easier to understand. The feedback we have from other members would suggest most people agree. Most report the new Pivot System is now much easier to use compared to the old system.

        So let’s keep this very simple:
        • If you are unhappy then we are unhappy.
        • David has advised that you have been a really great participant in the webinars since he took over.
        • Therefore we would like to offer you a full review of your past 5 months of trading & personalised tuition, all for free.
        Your comments in this forum clearly indicate that there are some significant gaps in what we thought we had taught you. That is something we can fix. But like everything: “You can’t fix it if you do not know it is broken?”

        Again, I would say to you, I do not want to discuss any member’s trading performance, in a public forum. On the other hand, if yo,u or any member is having problems then we try to make it as easy as possible to get on top of them via the phone, webinars, private lessons or email.

        Bruce where we have failed you is that you have not felt comfortable to come to us with your concerns. For that I am truly sorry. We have an ‘open door’ policy. Clearly we will highlight to everyone from this point on starting with tonight’s webinar.

        For anyone reading this thread please give me a call (Peter 07 3106 3953) and I will arrange for you to receive free access to our webinars. We are very proud of our system & have no problem in allowing anyone to sit in on a webinar or two for free. That is the best way for you to see exactly how we work.

        Happy Trading.


        1. Bruce Russell

          My name is Bruce and I like to reply to these comments off Peter Klisch.

          Regards the upgrade of the software. As you know it coincides with the Halifax platform upgrade. Your comments as to the old system being ‘faulty’ are not accurate. The markets never stand still and neither does trading system software.

          Customer Support & Training
          AttachmentsFeb 13

          to support
          Dear Client,

          Further to our email dated 12th February please find below download
          The main feature and addition to the change in templates is the Colour Pivot
          Point combination strategy which we believe you will find clearer in
          identifying trade setups.
          The original pivot point indicator was causing problems with some users and has been changed.

          We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience during this transition.

          Please note I have only copied the above statement to the pivot point strategy that was causing trouble also as mentioned in the webinar on Thursday, 25 February 2016 by Dave.
          “As the pivot were corrupted trying to transfer the session times became corrupted as well”

          I also like to mention in the US 30 platform
          The above gives the wrong size trades for example
          Stop less = 30 Pips, Lot size= 100.00
          Stop Loss= 40 Pips, Lot size = 100.00
          Stop Loss= 50 Pips, Lot Size= 100.00
          The above is giving the wrong information on the new platform Dave has mention he’s going to correct the above and warns everyone not to take the above into consideration.

          I always happy to put information in public so they can judge me to as what they think about me as a person if they think I am telling the truth and is not.

          1. Bucer

            I am advising people that Stardian have gone into liquidation.

            I received a telephone call from Dave on Tuesday 4th October 2016. Dave advised me that they have gone into liquidation and that we would receive an email from the liquidators. I think I may have accidentally deleted this email however I was advised by Dave that I would receive nothing back. I believe this is amazing a company who said that you could make so much money doing currency trading company used sales people to lie to you and that did not honour their contractual agreement by trading for you. I tried to advise people many times not to invest their money with this company so if you have you have now lost your money however if you had listened to me you would not have lost any money my name is Bruce Russell. I feel so sorry for people who have lost any money to this company. I personally believe that Dave is a very honest person and a good trainer.

  4. alan

    Whois response for

    Domain Name
    Last Modified 08-May-2014 01:06:45 UTC
    Status ok
    Registrar Name Web Address Registration
    Registrant ID ACN 168944241
    Eligibility Type Company
    Registrant Contact ID R-018464919-SN
    Registrant Contact Name Larry Pickering
    Registrant Contact Email
    Tech Contact ID C-000891683-SN
    Tech Contact Name Private Tech
    Tech Contact Email
    Name Server
    Name Server
    DNSSEC unsigned

  5. P

    Hi someone contacted me from the company name business for now, do you have any idea how reliable company is and what they are doing. Thanks

    1. jake

      Stay away from them, or Stardian, or whatever they call themselves now. You cannot trade by simply learning technical setups, you need to learn the fundamentals that move the market. Without knowing how to trade based on the fundamentals, you will lose a lot more money than you can make. This mob do not teach any fundamentals of trading, and if you follow their advice on how to trade you will lose any money you invest in the market, and never make back your upfront payment or ongoing coaching payment. Stay well away otherwise like myself and many others who have used them, you will not only be scammed out of a lot of money by them, but you will also lose a lot on the financial markets.

      1. Brett

        Not sure what Jake is on about? I am doing the Stardian Course now. To start with you don’t start trading for at least a month. All you learn are fundamentals???

        Then when you start to trade you are using a demo account? So I am not sure how you can lose money on one of those? I am not up to real trading yet but so far I am more then happy with the training I have received!!

        1. jake

          Brett, I would be delighted to explain to you what I am talking about after trading with them for more than a year and a half before pulling the plug for very good reason.

          If I could give you and all their other students my contact details I would be more than happy to share and save people the losses I encountered.

          Explaining what a red flag event on forex factory is ISNOT A FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS. Go online and search for Jarrat Davis, listen to his intro videos and read his blog, then you will understand the type of depth of fundamental macroeconomic knowledge you require to trade forex. It is not as simple as watching a MACD, oscialltor, support and resistance or any other indicators which don’t explain what price is moving, nor explain any economic fundamentals or market sentiment.

          Don’t be fooled by the allure of easy money, you will need much much much more macroeconomic fundamentals understanding before ever trading forex successfully, otherwise you will get burned. Don’t come back here in a year or two and tell me that you wished you would’ve taken my advice when it was too late. Please, I implore you to listen to me now and get out of their program before their ongoing prices and your flawed technical analysis without fundamental knowledge suck your account dry.

          Yes, they are a huge scam company, you have been warned by a former student of theirs.


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