Cambridge Options

9/12/15: now XETRAOPTIONS ,

Yet another ‘Industry Leader’, ‘Industry Preferred’, ‘World’s Most Popular’ Binary Options signal provider.

Established with an ABN just this month (10th November) you wonder how they can earn those accolades. Or even the testimonials:

CambridgeOptions testimonials

Maybe because the people are not real clients but just people in some images they pulled off the web:


They’re not even registered for GST yet apaprently ‘sold out’ of their ‘Business 48’ licences.

Trust them with your money??

3 thoughts on “Cambridge Options

  1. Clive

    These guys are a scam, their 0800 number diverts to no where. I told them I was in Melbourne and wanted to meet up with them but got the run around. They use mobile numbers when they call and probably fake names. Roger Morgan and Paul Freeman. unfortunately I transferred money to them and was always wary but they are good talkers. Their BSB tells be they are on the gold coast and the point of presence is Melbourne based.
    Their mobile numbers are 0424011941 0411786776, if they call just tell them to p off and hang up!


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