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  1. Emma

    I’ve had dealings with this company. They “shut up shop” because I was forceful about them handing over a refund. Plus, they were planning on making an exit, they just did it a bit sooner than intended. Both CGH & CTP (Consolidated Trading Partners) were run out of Queensland, everything relates to Queensland, any mail they sent to the software packages.
    Make contact with the Fraud & Cyber Crime Group in QLD – 07 3364 6549
    The more complaints they receive, the more they will look into it.

  2. David Daniels

    Capitol Holdings sold us a guaranteed betting system for $10000 . Plus opened a tab a/c for a $1000 . Stopped emailing tips around a month ago. Recorded message with tips stopped two weeks ago. Sent high class glossy brouchers looked good. Checked for scam at the time May 2015 .Capitol holdings not shown.
    Can they be traced and money recovered?
    Regards David

    1. admin Post author

      best to try their Directors and registered office first. Do a company historical search done on the ASIC website to get the details. I think they are about $19


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