Capstone Litigation

This one looks like a recovery scam.

Website is
(remarkably new..only registered in January yet they are meant to have been around since 2004)

They are contacting victims of some scams originating in the Philippines and saying they have located a pool of money and can get lost monies back to victims.
Of course there will be a 5% fee..
Possibly taxes..
Possibly other ‘release’ fees..

We know for sure they are targeting victims of a scam company called True Green Energy Group, possibly others.

One mistake they have made is that they claim to be in partnership with Interactive Brokers who are a highly reputable worldwide broker.
We were able to confirm with Interactive Brokers that there is no partnership with Capstone Litigation.

no IB affiliation

Capstone litigation and IB

Avoid paying them any fees on the promise of your monies being returned to you!

2 thoughts on “Capstone Litigation

  1. Neil Le Compte

    They sent me an email and checked them out, ABN search said that it was deregistered , so sent email back to them and then they said I quote
    Dear Sir
    Our company is in the midst of merging with Interactive Brokers. We
    are not deregistered we are changing names and being part of a bigger
    Robert Friedman

    so are they bullshit or not


    1. admin Post author

      It’s a big load of BS !

      Call Interactive Brokers and ask them yourself if you want confirmation.


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