One thought on “CCC raid Mick Featherstone’s home

  1. James Blackley

    Questbet should be added to the above list , I had two active accounts cancelled when I tried to make a withdrawal ,and they kept my money , then made sure that I could not contact them, also Topazair and St George Limited are close associates ,I rang them both to try and get some result about Questbet and received assurances that they would get Questbet to ring me back ,of course it never happened!.
    Topazair are supposed to have managed the “software” set up for St George Limited which then operated Questbet.
    in the end it became clear that I was blocked at every turn. I did find out that “Ray” is in

    charge of St George Limited and Topazair and he promised that Questbet would ring me ,when I requested Questbets No he ignored my request so I am convivced that the 3 organizations are one.
    Regards ,James.


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