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Breaking news: Feb 4th 2016
Police raid and charge one man in relation to Charterhurst Agencies.
This follows the arrest and charging of two other principals of the opeartion last year.


A reader alerted me to this the other day..said he’d had a call from a very pushy salesman selling this laybetting program. From the look of the screenshot it looked very similar to Laybet Professional’s platform.

On further investigation they are spinning the same sales pitch, same strategy, same pricing and yes, they are even at the same address, same floor, same office

( update 10/8/2014: I’ve already heard of people losing hundreds of thousands to Charterhurst  through their persuasive upsells.  They are very good at what they do and well rehearsed. DO NOT be fooled.)

contact us if you want to know more detail.

Learn the lessons of those that have gone before.

If you want more information contact Janelle Walsh at the Fraud and Cyber Crime Group (qld):

28 thoughts on “Charterhurst Agencies

  1. Steve

    G’day yeah they got me aswell, I got all their mobile numbers and also email addresses. I call them and it just rings and goes to voicemail message.

    If there is a class action lawsuit i want in! I have alot of dirt on them.

    1. admin Post author

      When was it that they last dealt with you? The king pins are facing court now.
      Class action may have to wait for the criminal hearings to finish.

          1. admin Post author

            not that we know of.
            Someone needs to put their hand up to organise it. We’re sure there would be plenty of participants once someone gets it going.
            You’d have to talk to a lawyer and see what’s required, and how the current court case affects any class action launch.

  2. Douglas

    Charter Hurst are still out there selling there scam software , dont be fooled they WILL NOT refund any of your money if it doesn’t work, which it wont long term . What they will try and do is upsell you to more expensive package once you request a refund or offer you to become a corporate client and trade on your behalf. They do not honor any agreements and do not comply with qld law on cold calling cooling off period requirements . If you fall for their sales pitch you will become another fleeced customer.
    They breach the guidelines in a number of ways. Cooling-off period
    Qld government website
    The customer has 10 business days to change their mind on a contract. The cooling-off period starts when the customer receives the written agreement. During this time they can cancel without penalty.

    If you break the rules set out on this page, the customer may be able to cancel the contract without penalty up to 6 months after entering into the agreement.

    Supplying goods or asking for payment

    During the cooling-off period, you must not:

    supply goods, except for those valued under $500
    supply any services at all, regardless of value
    take any payment or deposit, even if you have supplied the goods.
    If you supply the goods during the cooling-off period, the customer does not own the goods. If the customer cancels the agreement during the cooling-off period, they must:

    keep the goods in good condition
    make them reasonably available for the business to collect.
    The goods become unsolicited goods. This means you must collect them from the consumer within 30 days. Otherwise the consumer can keep them free of charge.

  3. Karel Sevcik

    I was contacted today and went through “induction” on betting. LoL. I gave an email address and receiver the $15,000 offer. LoL even more.
    I’m a programmer and a class expert in information and uncertainty mathematics.
    Here’s the truth to everybody:
    There are trading systems that make millions over-night. These’re like angels – rare and far between. Design of such a system is bloody difficult and this means expensive. Automatic trading is science and serious large business. If anybody strikes the gold, never would sell it cheap, the less give his treasure for free.
    There’s trading on exchange stock, but a banking licence is necessary for access, or a middle-man, who takes entire profit in service fees (oh, sorry banks, if millions invested, profits are enough to share, but who of us ordinaries can invest in millions?). There’re many “public” trading platforms. All are gambling sites, because there’s no investing on any stock exchange, but betting on the platform’s owner system. Possible exchange data only serve as a kind of “random” toss to decide “winners and losers”, but often these are calculated by the betting platform to exactly compensate an equation “winners $ + platform profit $ – losers $ = 0”. So, losers pay winners and the platform profits. Simple as that. No investing involved at all.
    Conclusion? Any system for sale MUST be a scam ! Don’t be stupid. Would you sell such system making money fast and easy, if YOU got it? Of course not. You’d keep it secret and stuff ever bag you could. And that’s exactly what others do as well.
    Good luck.
    X, m.p.

  4. Anne

    Have been scammed of all my superannuation. Detective told me this afternoon I will NOT get any of my money back! Willing to add my name to class action!

    1. Thomas

      As this company has been operated by Fraudsters (Criminals), I suspect Class Action would not achieve anything. I was scammed and effectively lost all of my superannuation as well. I have made a successful claim through QCAT but the company simply ignored its decision. I have not been able to enforce the decision through the Magistrates Court. I am getting on with my life even though it has and continues to be challenging in connection to all aspects of life.

      1. Des Pearson

        When will someone start class action? I’m willing to start. We must put a stop to these unscrupulous scammers.

  5. Terence

    Just got a call from them. Same story as others. $15k to buy the software that allows me to make min $100/day. She wants her trader to show me on screen how it works. Apparently, he can only show when an actual horse race is happening.

    Told her I’m not free now and call back on Thu…..

    It’s a form of gambling and too good to be true.

  6. Paul

    They also offer to manage your bet fair account . I took a 2 week free trial of this service starting with 100 dollars . At the end of 2 weeks the account was 19 dollars.

    They couldn’t even turn a profit with a free trial in an effort to convince me how good they are .

    They then demoed the lay software which had a winner (loss to the system) on the second lay .

    The products are crap and the only thing they are good at is losing money and they need to be shut down before they sucker in more consumers.

  7. Karen Post author

    I too have been scammed by Charterhust Agencies. (The initial phone call was from Lay Bet). What an idiot i feel like! $65 000.00 and they still want another $5 000 before they can start trading. The initial salesman was Peter, he was such a smooth talker, I can’t believe I fell for it. The initial investment was $10 000 for the laptop and the software. Laptop arrived with a program icon installed called ‘Elite Trader’. A login was needed so after a phone call to Peter I received a call from Jordan, who informed me that with the upgrade to ‘Corporate trading’ we could start trading and start making around $1 500 A week. So, he said, this is why he had deactivated the initial software so it could be upgraded. I should have realised that something was not right then. So another $40 000, then he wanted another $20 000. I am $5000 short in the last payment, so he still has not/will not activate the software till this is paid, AND CHARGE ME INTEREST!! I have reported it to the Police and they will do what they can but said it may end up a Civil matter. Any advice???

    1. david

      your only hope is to go through QCAT and try and get your money back but that process is a joke! Its been 8 mths & I still haven’t got on anywhere!

      1. Damien

        I was going to save up $7000 to buy that laytrade program i have a good laptop..I have had some time in hospital…and wanted to make a wage…Ill ring that tracey and confront her..ill go in for a chat and say what about this shit…And walk out…

  8. Justin Post author

    It’s a long story, a Pushy Australian Salesman suggests I can have a “low” risk investment strategy utilizing funds I already had in with Inner Circle Strategies. Suggesting I can save $13,000.00. He said he usually deals with corporates @ $50,000.00 and was willing to take me on at $11,700.00. I funded that, this was my first mistake. I received a package it was a laptop… I thought that was it, now he needed another $12,000.00, I said I needed a refund, he said I couldn’t until I received the whole package. I funded that. Now he wanted 15,000.00. I can’t get refunded until I’m trading so I funded that. Now he’s asking for $11,000.00, and because I can’t get that to him by Monday he has taken the initial $13,000.00 off the table. So now I’m consolidating my loans. Now all want is my money back, and these guys prosecuted. As I was completely mislead. The salesman knew I couldn’t afford his prouduct, now I only hope I can cover the loans. Why is this organization allowed to trade. Also when I checked out Charterhurst agencies I didn’t find any negative posts. If there is a class action I want in.

  9. David

    Charterhurst/Laybet professional/Voss are still in business on the Gold Coast and stealing people’s money like there is no tomorrow. Why can’t the authorities do something to stop them?
    I have lost money to them and wil do anything to get it back.

    1. Hubert

      I have been scamed too, I am planning to make an application to Civil and Administrative Tribunal, is anyone want to come with me? If yes, please contact me by email:

        1. admin Post author

          Aussiescamalert can’t do anything, that is right, but the Civil Arbitration Tribunal could well make a ruling in your favour.


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