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Well, another Gold Coast company. This time pushing training in the Forex and commodities markets…for only $25,000 !
Lots of pictures on their website of happy people living the easy life. It’s apparently because they only have to work a few hours a wekk to earn 1,000 to 3,000 a week.
They mention low start up costs. I guess that is not including the training fee!

So I got to go through the sales pitch the other day with one of their sales-people. First they offer to give you a live demonstration, which rather than live demonstration of their trading abilities, is actually a live (shared screen) sales pitch where you watch a video with the sales person talking you through it. You’re told how Easy it is ( if it’s that easy, why should you need 25k training?), how great their trainers are (one worked for the dodgy Share Market College ) and how, lucky me, they are offering 50% off, so it costs only $12,500 up front, and you can pay the rest when you’ve reached your first $50,000.
You get training of course, but you actually have to pay extra for the one on one training..290 per month. But they reckon you’ll only need three months of that. And they can’t even see their way to incuding that?!!

They claim they’ve trained ‘Thousands’, yet there isn’t a single testimonial on the web about them. They claim to be ‘Internationally recognised’ and have ‘been branded ‘Currency Market Experts’, yet you won’t find them if you search for that ( everyone seems to brand themselves that!). The sales-person told me they had got hundreds of their friends into it, as well as their family and children. So..they didn’t want to just teach their children how? No, but they did get them the half-price offer.
The sales-person doesn’t even work on commission..just a wage, and yet supposedly has been with the company and trading for 4 1/2 years themselves. Just doing it because they likes helping other people. When questioned about basic trading stuff, the sales-person didn’t even know what trading platform they were using, what a risk:reward ratio was or what their strike rate of successful trades was.

Alright, so what are the expoected returns? $50,000 in your first year, based on a $10,000 starting bank..and that’s being conservative they say. So could they send me a statement? No. After much badgering they agreed to send something. If they were using 1:1 risk:reward ratio like they claimed, it ceratinly did not look like it. Most of the profits were small and only about 10% of the stop-outs on some of the other trades. And they also claimed they had trailing stops in place, yet the the profits taken don’t seem to reflect this. There were none that were much more than their biggest loss.
They claim you can trade in just a few hours, implying during normal waking hours, yet there were many trades made in the middle of the night.

Supposedly running for 4 1/2 years, their parent company ZFX Solutions was indeed registered in 2009 ( as a Body Corporate ), yet they only registered for GST on the 1/10/2013 ..and with all that income from the thousands of people they’ve trained! I’m sure the tax department would like to know about that. CM Business was only registered on the 31/10/2013.

They guarantee, but all they guarantee is that they will train you..not that you will be satisfied or successful.

It just doesn’t add up and also the claims sound so fanciful.
You can get great training for far less than they are asking, and then you can use your left over capital to invest with.

This is my opinion, offered for general interest. You should always make up your own mind.

PS: I have to leave you with one classic claim..
The sales-person told me that the program worked so well for one guy, it even cured his migraines!!

Please comment if you have had any experience with them..

4 thoughts on “CM Business

  1. Jessica Lee

    It is apparent after reading your piece of writing that you need to learn to express yourself in an educated fashion if you expect others to take you seriously. May I suggest finishing high school before you post anything else on the internet. I myself have been interested in this program for sometime and am shocked and dismayed that you would post such uneducated and misinformed information regarding this company in a public forum. I will continue to research this business and disregard your comments.

    1. Admin

      Why am I not suprised your IP address is Brisbane?!

      Ok ,granted, there were a few spelling errors as I didn’t spell check properly.

      Good on you for continuing to research. May I suggest you research the whole FX education industry and different options for training.
      May I also suggest, that you learn how to use commas to break up your sentences.
      But of’re going to disregard my comments…

      PS the email address you supplied seems to be invalid. Maybe your spelling wasn’t very good either (more high school perhaps?). If you would like to supply a proper email address I would be happy to discuss your grievances.

  2. zoe

    i had rang and enquired then when they said 50 thousand dollars i nilly dropped the phone but oh wait! its now half price i was like where the heck would i pull money like that im a 21 year old student. they said it will be fine just try blah blah i said no thats enough and hung up, today a man rang me back and said hello im cm buisness guy i said no thanks i already said no he said look how about i ring you tomorrow i was like no do not ring back again! and he was like okay ill ring you friday… i said no!!!!

    this has to be a scam because if they were so busy and good at what they do they would be rich! why would they be pushing their product so hard to sell then?

  3. Alex

    This website is the best solution yet to provide information to people unsure of the legitimacy of certain companies.
    Because of the total failure of our regulators this site is the go to place to check out any new company selling INVESTMENT packages.
    Google is the most powerful weapon to get the information out to the public and this site has that worked out as well.
    Keep up the good work – very much appreciated and you will never know how many people you have saved from financial ruin.


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