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This one appears after you click one of those ‘Single Mum makes $xx, 000 dollars working from home’ type of ads.

The headline is: EXPOSED: Single Mom From London Makes a Staggering $7.650/Month And You Won’t Believe How She Does It! .

You’re right, I won’t believe it because next it tells us that she is in Sydney, not London. The video of ‘Emma’ shows her in her kitchen…except she’s actually standing in front of a ‘green screen’ so I don’t know whose kitchen they’re using for the back drop.

So, I checked and found the UK site: and lo and behold, there’s the same script and a UK mum reading the same script as Emma. How bizarre..

Right, so anyway, they are pushing Binary Options trading with some wiz bang, super algorithmic trading software. I doubt very strongly that it works.

They will be getting commissions from the broker for sending them clients (you).

To top it off, in the next video, the presenter Andrew Durham is clearly reading from a script by the way his eyes are moving.

Not convinced ? Try searching “careerjournal scam” on Google

There’s no easy way to make money from Binary Options or any other trading for that matter. Don’t be fooled and keep your credit card in you wallet.

16 thoughts on “Collecting Profits

  1. renee

    They asked me for my passport and proof of current address in a hurry, and i stupidly gave it to them, most would be to embarressed to speak up after doing this, this is how they operate, alarm bells rang very quickly for me however i was a bit slow to have fell for the add with the woman demonstrating live how easy to make 1000 from 50 buks.. there was a a second transaction to my account which was made after i clicked the upgrade button, lucky i had taken it all out except the 375 au. This is what stopped me in my tracks an i did ev

  2. stefan

    Big SCAM…. do not believe anything they say, not even 25% accurate the predictions,
    stupid we are who believe these scammers …. I’m one of them
    never ever use any of these sites again, 24option, eztrader, iqoption, collecting profits
    and many more
    better go a have a beer with your money !!!!
    slowly but surely you will lose it on these scam broker sites !!!

  3. steve

    I lost money, don’t believe these liars !!!! collecting profits is scam and all lie
    don’t put your money at risk with these losers and don’t believe their adds and lies!!!!

  4. steve

    collecting profits is scam, don’t trust them, don’t invest and don’t believe anything they say,
    its not even 50% accurate ,
    lost my money, don’t use these liars !!!!!

  5. Gerry

    Why are these criminals allowed to this unpunished, why are they still hunting for the unexpected, come on EZ Trader distance yourself from these scams. They can’t do this without you. They don’t care about anybody else succeeding, but have a need to feed there greed with your money. If it was a sure thing be assured they wouldn’t be sharing it with you. Just imagine instead of doing a $100 trade, why don’t they put a $10k, $100k, $1Million trade themselves. They would be richer than Bill Gates in no time. Tell them to F–K Off and hold on to your money.

  6. Candy

    I been scam by this too.So that is how they work?They give a promising profit but they didn’t explained the risk at the beginning.Also they didn’t advised the people that this is a gamble and scam not what they claim a working at home.They should have note it a gamble at home.

  7. Tom

    Avoid this so called collectiveprofits thingy. 85% win rate??? More like lose $300 in 20 trades at $25 amounts. I would have been ahead if i went the opposite direction. Also lost 7 trades in a row. Try flicking a coin 7 times in a row…your money will last longer.

    100% dodgey and if EZTrader still maintains their partnership with them and then you know the deal.

  8. neil

    Total scam-ALL the “reviews” are paid shills and they are full of crap. Put your money on a horse if u HAVE to-still best odds going.

  9. Grand

    I agreed that this site seems fishy. I rather use the $200 to buy black or red on roulette. It gives me a better chance to win and COLLECT my monies safely … lol

  10. James

    CollectingProfit is a scam company.
    Don’t become fool and cheated with this company.
    It is a scam.
    Please don’t use it.

  11. Kay Grindell

    I agree with the previous 2 posts, it would seem that the Broker used, EZTrader, is registered in Cyprus which as all Europeans know is a tax haven, if you search for the people supposedly giving testimonials, they dont seem to exist, there also seems to be no Facebook page for this business which starts the alarm bells ringing. If you research EZTrader as a Broker, they are way down at the bottom of the list of reliable brokers, mainly due to the fact that you can’t get your money out – profits are not much use then.
    They offer a 100% bonus for signing up (and of course sending them 200$ of your cash, but if you read the small print, you can only avail yourself of this ammount if you trade 500 times said ammount, ie. they give you 200$ and you have to trade for the ammount of 100.000$ to ever get hold of it ). The emails they send you have an email address at the bottom but if you send an email to this address, it comes back as “unknown” I get the impression that if anybody does actually make any cash with Collecting Profits and you do actually manage to get hold of your cash – it is probably cash sent in by new signups, converting it into a full blown Ponzi scheme which, of course will implode over time. Having done my “due diligence” as the Americans say, I would avoid this site like the plague.

  12. David

    I thought as others perhaps do to just give this a go knowing opened eyed it could be all bull, but after trying it became very clear that this not actually investing more just a 50-50 chance of increasing your investment (Real money $$$). Basically you have a very small window of time to pick whether the price of whatever they put on the graph will go up or down from the price you locked in. Now understand this happens over minutes of trade not weeks or days, therefor it is just a gamble without any actual market pro advising you. The people offering their rags to riches stories are either the most gifted people on the planet or have a direct spiritual link to people beyond our abilities or my own understanding and attempt to be rich is that ‘Collecting Profits’ is a perfect example of a site that you should never try and RUN FOR THE HILLS. You would have a better chance of making money backing every favourite in horse races.


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