Compare the Market pay your bills scam

There is a company claiming to be Compare The Market, the well known rate comparison site. This is NOT that site though.

What they are doing is offering to pay your utility bills for you and then you will pay them 70% of the bill, to give you a 30% discount.
Too good to be true right? it is.

First of all, the email address they give is:
so they are definitely not the same company.

They give their address as 2/80 Jephson St, Toowong in Brisbane, which is a serviced office space. Definitely too small for Compare the Market ( who don’t even give an address for their company).

They have called from a mobile number: 0480 048 123 , but there are sure to be more numbers they will use.

So the scheme is that you send them a utility bill, or photo of one, that needs paying, they say they will pay it, and then after you have checked with the payee that they have been paid, you will pay the scammers 70% of the bill.

How can they make money if they are paying 100% of the bill and only taking 70% from you??
They went in to some long spiel about vouchers from the businesses that they get commissions from on their website, for people signing up to offers, and somehow being able to cash those in paying the bills. It was all very weird and confusing and just sounds like a load of rubbish.

We’re not sure how they would get the payee to be showing that your bill has been paid.
Have they got some system to chargeback the payment after it’s paid, by claiming they are not the debtor, and just filled the incorrect account details, or something like that?
Don’t know, but the most likely scenario from this is that you would end up paying 170% of your bill. 70% to the scammers and 100% to the utility company later when they tell you that your bill has not been paid.

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