Could senior Qld Police officiers be involved in scam coverups?

More news today in the unfolding scam busts on the Gold Coast.

For years people have wondered why no action was taken by police or the fraud squad after numerous complaints, tip-offs and information had been supplied to them about all the various scams running in Quensland. Now there are allegtions of confidential information being leaked and files being ‘lost’.

Former head of the Fraud and Cyber Crime Group, Brian Hay is under investigation.

And two officers facing misconduct charges

More news on the ‘Irish Boys’. Two have been released on bail in heated scenes at Southport.

And did the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ train some Gold Coast scammers ?



2 thoughts on “Could senior Qld Police officiers be involved in scam coverups?

  1. George Parker

    How surprising – not news to us and I believe it is not news to Admin.
    The police involved are directly linked to the Irish Boys.
    A lot more to come.
    Police Minister has repeated the Police lies to protect herself.
    There is plenty of evidence that the police have lied for many years.
    These scams as reported will be the biggest scams in Australian history – hundreds of millions of dollars and some really unsavoury characters invovled.
    Stay tuned more coming.
    And it is not the police who are catching the criminals – it is people just like the people who run this website who have fought for years trying to work out why the scams all ran from Queensland.
    There is a reason – POLICE CORRUPTION and ORGANISED CRIME.


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