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This one just popped up on our radar. First thing to note is that they talk in their advertising and promotional releases about having a ‘vast range of investment products’ , yet there is only one on their website: a horse race betting product.

A copy we received of their published results is an impressive list of winning bets that takes an account from $2,000 to $10,000 in three months (!) and then makes withdrawals every month after that for any balance over $10,000: 10% to 80% a month , all with just around ten bets a month. Sounds like pie in the sky to me. If they’re not back-fitted results I’ll eat my hat.

How much would you like to invest? $8,800 for a lifetime licence or $5,500 for three years??

One thing that shows they don’t know what they’re doing is that they recommend opening a TAB account for your winnings. No smart punter/investor would limit their punting to a TAB account. You need to look for the best odds always and have several accounts with different bookmakers.

Now I have found that they are using false photos for their testimonials in their promotional brochure:

gjkostina jefferson jorgenson moloney

You can search using Google’s image search feature to find other web pages with exactly the same photos, and no, they bear no relation to Australian residents. For instance:

moloney image

This will be reported to ASIC, the ACCC and Fair Trading Qld. Let’s see what actions they will take..

3 thoughts on “CS Solutions

  1. Rob

    I had a similar problem. They called me every week with lots of promises, glad that I am not trapped!
    Would like to know if the authorities want to do anything about such scams…

  2. Jay

    Have you had a response from ASIC or ACCC?
    Was contacted by these guys, just wanting to know if anyone else has had experience with them.


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