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A newly discovered operation that’s looks so bad it’s almost funny. And it would be funny but for the fact that there’s bound to be people that fall for all the guff they talk.

While it is unestablished at present whether the grand scheme could possibly work, I would say it is a very bad ‘bet’ for now. Let’s have a look at what they say..

The three pictures on the website all feature what look to be retirees enjoying a relaxed life by the water. Maybe they have lost their houses and have nowhere else to go. Or maybe they are the owners of the plan..

DC Solutions is about investing in sports and horse racing lay trading. They say they have a four year record. Their business has been registered for that long but the website only since the 10th of March this year, so I don’t know who they were before that. The historical and projected returns are quite amazing..monthly returns from 6% to 45% !

They claim it is safe, low risk, low initial investment, high returns, money can be drawn out at any time (but read the fine print ). When you look at it though, packages start at $9,999 and go all the way up to $99,999! You’re only allowed a maximum deposit of 50% of your licence fee…so, they say if you want to invest more, you can obviously afford a higher package..so buy a bigger licence!

So they say they aim to win 1% of your bank every trade. They explain very well how it all works and some criteria for their selections..one being that the maximum odds are to be no more than 20:1. They don’t explain that this means that if you lost that maximum risk wager that 20% of your bank would be gone! That is high risk trading.¬† I haven’t seen any results but if their average strike rate for racing is 80% as they claim, if the remaining 20% of losers averaged any more than odds of 3:1, you would be out of pocket.

They offer a guarantee..if you don’t double your total initial investment ( licence fee plus wagering deposit) in the guarantee period ( 5years for smaller licences and 2 years for larger) then they will see that you are paid twice your initial investment, less what is in yrour trading account. This is on the condition that you do not withdraw at Any time during the guarantee period. So, you are locked in for a minimum of 2 years, if you’ve invested over $60,000, 5 years if you’re at the lowest start-up of $10,999. What happens if it’s all going sour before the time is up?? Will they still be around when it comes time to claim your refund? Think about it..

Their client testimonials are classic. The mum of three, the investment dummie, the cautious accountant, the young couple who paid for their wedding, another who paid for their new home, the divorced lady who was saved, the random lucky (cold) phone call, and let’s not forget ‘great customer service’.

They use a ‘large’ international bookmaker called Imperial Wager (never heard of them). I called their free-call number on the webiste and it leads to Bookmaking¬† Services in Canada. Now where have I come across them before??…Universal TAB of the Krajewski Lambe saga. Notorious for not being able to get a response from, especially when things go wrong. Good luck dealing with them!!

Oh yes, and they rent office space in Brisbane. They don’t have their own premises ( that they let be known anyway).

My opinion..High risk, low chance of a good return. Do your due diligence.

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