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Yet another mutation of the Laytrade Solutions / UK Homebusiness / Trading Capital Partners etc type of setup.

They try to cover it up by giving you rubbish about how it’s a completely new concept and they hold one of three exclusive licences in Australia.

They almost blatantly let the cat of of the bag that it’s a scam by saying that it ‘cannot work without new members’. !! Think: Ponzi scheme

Ok, they can give you a three day free trial. What can you prove in three days? Ask the people who got involved with UK Homebusiness or Laytrading Solutions how it went after their trials !

And you could have put a large bet on it..packages start at $10,000 (and go up to $35,000 ..for the ten year package..just to lull you into the idea that they’ll be around for that long ).

Why don’t you go and call on them face to face? You’ll have a hard time finding them at their ‘virtual’ office .

Oh..and they’re not registered for GST. Makes you wonder..since they’re charging at least 10k for licences.

If you’ve been involved with this company Please contact us.

4 thoughts on “E-Wealth Building

  1. Glenn

    I got stung back in Feb 2014 and handed over $7k. At the time it looked legit and there wasn’t anything on the net about any problems with this site. It looked all above board and they had an abn number and a guarantee so I took the plunge (off the gang plank into the shark infested waters so I found out).

  2. BRIAN

    I sent $500 bank transfer to E Wealth building and received an email from them
    “Hi Brian, on behalf of myself and the team here we would like to welcome you aboard the 3 day Business Trial. This is the information you will require to log in to your account over the 3 day period. Trials this week will be commencing as of this Wednesday morning 26/02/2014 and will run until Saturday afternoon 29/02/2014. Your $500.00 deposit will be cleared and visible in your account no later then Monday afternoon
    To access your account please go to http://www.ewbuildingexchange.com

    Julian Wilcox
    Senior Accounts Manager
    Ewealth Building P/L
    They also gave me a login and password. They sent conformation of money clearance but no money was ever placed in my ewbuildingexchange account and no money returned and no more communication phone or email. I’m glad I didn’t advance to one of their next plans $10k to $30k.
    Sucked inn??
    Now they are calling me about Ozplatinum it’s the same. But they say no no this is different we are the good guys and the others are the bad guys.
    I’m finding out at great cost trials or free trials are very costly.
    Brian Walker.


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