Emerald Sports and Cloverleaf Bookmakers


These guys are running a scam with a very familiar spiel:

That they’re in the UK and have thousands of Australian clients, so they are moving here to set up an office in a few short weeks.
They tell you they’ve been in the business as sports analysts for 40 years and have 500,000 clients in 20 countries, AND they always make incredible returns of 200% a week!
Oh wait, the other email says 100,000 clients in 23 countries…
To add to that they have selected to work with one of the most reputable bookmakers in the world , Cloverleaf Bookmakers.  Funny, we’ve never heard of them, and there is zero talk about them on the web. Nor is there any talk about Emerald Sports, even with their 40 years of unparalleled success for their clients.
Both websites were registered on 15/11/2017 and both have their name servers with the same host. Funny.

Cloverleaf Bookmakers, meant to be in Dublin, are not registered in Ireland as a bookmaker.
But maybe that’s because they only take online bets, and only in US dollars….weird.

As a welcome offer to the first 2000 Australian clients they are enticing us with deposit match bonus of $5,000 USD, tickets to Blue Ribbon events around the world including airline tickets and accommodation (imagine the expence for even 20 clients!) and tickets to their annual charity ball.

So full of BS , it’s a joke.

6 thoughts on “Emerald Sports and Cloverleaf Bookmakers

  1. David

    My Cloverleaf account sits at $75. I have tried to withdraw money but no response. The bets I put on in my own account went well, but all bets are placed on the English Soccer league around midnight our time so it’s hard to match the bets our time. In the early days the scammer would let me know who they were betting on for the weekend, that’s how I could match the bets. Where you caught up in this?

  2. David Cavanough

    Yes. they got me. I only spent $1000 US and thought it was a scam. They will get your account to around $8000, and then say they have a great bet coming up, but need another $2000 to place a $10K bet on your behalf. I refused and they got narky. Then my account rose to $22K and again was asked for $3000 to place a $25K bet but again refused. Luckily when it began I took out an account in my name and matched their bets here in aus with William Hill. My supposed account sits on $75 but you can’t with draw. Beware all

    1. admin Post author

      You mean your account sits at 75k ?
      How did the bets you placed yourself go?
      Did you try a withdrawal..how did that pan out?

      1. Dave

        Yes I tried to withdraw, but to no avail. The early bets I put on myself through William Hill went well, but they don’t tell you who they are betting on all the time. Most times the odds are only $1.30 or $1.40, so they pick the favourites always. I just logged on to find they had put a $75K bet on and lost. It has been weeks since they have called and I will chalk it up to a learning experience. I feel sorry for the loads of people that would keep reinvesting and still end up with nothing. Thanks for your page.

        1. admin Post author

          don’t worry so much..there never would have been 75k in there really anyway.

          And they will call again….just under a different name..but it’s always pretty much the same scenario.


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