Etrade Capital

ET Capital, E Trade Capital ,,

run by the same people at  E T Capital, and EurTrade ,

Update 27/7/15 seems to be related to AMTP (see below)

Update 4/11/2014 They have moved out of the premises where they were operating from. Probably looking for a new home.

see review and comments by victims here at complaints board

Flogging Binary Options trading that flat out doesn’t work. High pressure sales tactics, high upfront fees. Not where they say they are.

Also alert on

and , with huge monthly fees for training (has anybody been contacted by them?)
may all be offshoots of,

27/7/15 It appears that ET Capital are linked to Australian Market Trading Professionals ( and their various variations):

The testimonials are the same, apart from changing the business names:

harry omeros scam

4 thoughts on “Etrade Capital

  1. Barry D Matthews

    Julian Leahy SCAMMER


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  2. Susan

    I can confirm they are a scam. They scammed me out of about $20k. They said that over 90% of the trades are successful which WAS COMPLETELY FALSE. I get texts every night with the trade to put on. After trading for a few weeks, I realised it is around a 50% success rate.

    You are better off going down to the casino and throwing 20k on red, it would save you a lot of time.

  3. Ian

    I was approached by a company callled E trade capital.. a chris something and a mark were in touch with me… claiming i could make a fortune on index trading… i thought it was a scam..

    firstly there name does not come up on google… i have to put in for it to come up

    their 1300 number goes does not have automated answer it goes to some guy who answers immedialtey.

    if i types in their street address into google it comes up as Itrade solutions…

    these guys r a scam??


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