eTrading Solutions ETS  Electronic Trading Solutions

If you’re thinking this post is a clone of ewealthbuilding you’d be right ! Thankfully eWealth Solutions IS a virtual clone of eWealth Building so it saves me a lot of time! They both mention needing new members to make it work, the 3 day test run where ‘members (get) to experience the same transactions and profits of existing members’, virtual offices etc….etceteraaa!.. Read on..

4 thoughts on “eTrading Solutions ETS

  1. Steve

    Yes eTrading Solutions is a SCAM… And I lost money.. And more importantly time. Using front end and a sales pitch from Roseanna Ramano and Stan. Willing to discuss this with you further and see if we can’t find others and get our money back and see these scammers do jail time! Regards Steve

    1. Nick

      I also got scammed by these two people through etrading solutions and master totes and would really like to talk to some one about getting funds back and seeing these people prosecuted Cheers Nick


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