eTrading Solutions ETS , Electronic Trading Solutions , using as their bookmaker

If you’re thinking this post is a clone of ewealthbuilding you’d be right ! Thankfully eWealth Solutions IS a virtual clone of eWealth Building so it saves me a lot of time! They both mention needing new members to make it work, the 3 day test run where ‘members to experience the same transactions and profits of existing members’, virtual offices etc….etceteraaa!.. Read on..

Yet another mutation of the Laytrade Solutions / UK Homebusiness / Trading Capital Partners etc type of setup. (and ewealthbuilding )

They try to cover it up by giving you rubbish about how it’s a completely new concept and they hold one of three exclusive licences in Australia.

They almost blatantly let the cat of of the bag that it’s a scam by saying that it ‘cannot work without new members’. !! Think: Ponzi scheme

Ok, they can give you a three day free trial. What can you prove in three days? Ask the people who got involved with UK Homebusiness or Laytrading Solutions how it went after their trials !

And you could have put a large bet on it..packages start at $10,000 (and go up to $35,000 ..for the ten year package..just to lull you into the idea that they’ll be around for that long ).

Why don’t you go and call on them face to face? You’ll have a hard time finding them at their ‘virtual’ office .

Oh..and they’re not registered for GST. Makes you wonder..since they’re charging at least 10k for licences.

They use as their bookmaer. When you ring their toll free number though, you end up in Canada with Bookmaking Services (answering service) who will not tell you anything about Bookmaking Services. Worried yet? To top it off, this is exactly the same arrangement that the KL Advacnced scam has set up!

If you’ve been involved with this company Please contact us.

8 thoughts on “eTrading Solutions ETS

  1. Frank

    Hi i signed up for the “3 day test drive” and then when it was up and i said i wanted my money back they no longer contacted me and i have called the number on the mastertotes website and emailed them with no response. is there a way i can get my money back?

      1. Frank

        i signed up at the end of march and my 3 day test drive finished the beginning of april. and i have been calling and emailing every week since to try and get my money back. but the number for mastertotes seems to go overseas and the etradingsolutions is just a voicemail that doesn’t seem to get checked. if you could help at all that would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Pankit

      Hi I have been scammed by these guys as we’ll same story mastertotes and all can you please help and let me know how to recover money from them

  2. Chris G

    I did sign up with them and for 3 weeks it went as per what they were saying – on average I made daily about 2.5%. From this Monday they went quiet and do not respond to my phone calls and emails. Looks like you are right it is a scam.

    1. Kye

      I signed up with them about 3 weeks ago and I have had the same experience as Chris. It went as expected for the first three weeks and from this Monday it has gone very quiet and I cannot get in contact with anyone from the so called company. Does anyone know how it can be reported to try and recover funds?


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