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Eurobond FX ,, EBFX

This crowd have been hassling me for weeks, trying to get me to start an account with them in order to make money on the financial markets. They must not keep track of who they have rung and what success, or not, they have had, because they always start at the beginning again with a new tele-sales person.

Their website looks professional enough, so you need to do a little further investigating..

The sales person told me she is in England. Wouldn’t say where, just a call centre. Sales-person no.2 said they were in Finchley Road, an industrial area of London> Certainly doesn’t look like that on Google maps! (and where have I heard Finchley Road mentioned before: Aston Forex (another scam. No 60, 62, 65, 788..they can’t make up their minds where they are meant (not) to be) On the contact page of the website they list a head office in British Aguilla. Funny, when you look up the address there are several other forex, binary and option trading companies there. Wonder why, and if they are all linked. The first sales girl wouldn’t give me a phone number for the office there. The second one didn’t even know it existed. To further erode confidence, their banking is done in Cypress and other transactions in Bulgaria. good luck trying  to hunt them down when you can’t get your money out of them (as is reported several times on forums)!

They are claiming to be abe to help you with your trading by offering you education, signals and tips, or even do your trading for you. Again, it doesn’t seem to turn out good from reading the forums. All they want is to get you to deposit trading funds to them, or their brokers who they may own or get a hefty cut from. Then they’ll either milk you for more, wipe out your account or just not give you your money back.

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  1. Phillip A

    I too had an unsolicited call and e-mail from Eurobond FX. There was a lot of talk about special discounts, risk-free trial period etc to get me to set up a trading account and deposit some funds. I spoke to an “account manager,” then a “broker,” but both just seemed to be sub-contintental high pressure salesmen. It was only after I hung ap that I realised it was likely to be a scam. I suspect they don’t do any trading at all.
    I regret that I actually corrected them on a number of investment ideas and trends. They clearly had little idea about trading, but unwittingly I shared some facts with them which they may now use to gain credibility with some other unsuspecting victim. I hope people read this and take warning.


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