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14/2/2018: Major breakthrough!



Seems there is a new group operating that bears an uncanny resemblance to the Laybet Professionals scam ( which then became Charterhurst Agencies)

They sound like they’re peddling the same or very similar software, laying horses on Betfair to win ‘90% of the time’. Exelon Group are even at the same address as Laybet Professionals used to be, 128 Bundall Rd, Bundall , the notorious old Coast scammer hotspot.
Update: now they have an address in Varsity Lakes, but it is just a mailbox.

The two (alleged) principals of the Laybet Professionals and Charterhurst Agencies scams are now facing court,

The following comment appears on Aussie Criminals:

“Scam Alert | Aussie Criminals and Crooks

Thanks Mike,they ( Exelon Group) run me past a demo weeks back and the main trader attached my betfair account to his system that he uses over 2 days trading. it actually turned over $200 profit for me & i asked if i could speak to a client (even though they could give me a fake person ) that bought a system and has had it for a while to see how they were going with it .but said he couldn’t give any contacts out as per the client priviliges or protection law or whatever ? was reluctant to let me contact anyone, but said we could come in to the office any time to meet. He said they were attached to an IT financial company under a umbrella corporation …if i have that right ! So not sure !!”

Sounds like the typical kind of excuses/spiel from scammers.

December: we are starting to get reports now from people ‘investing’ with them. Accounts are losing money and what’s more, are designed to lose and then the client gets the upsell for the ‘improved’ version.
Have also heard of them weaseling their way out of the 10 day cooling off period obligations, refusing to honour it and refund payments.
These are exactly the same tactics that Charterhurst and Laybet Professionals used.

Update 27/1/17: This just in from the Brisbane Times:


We suggest exercising a HIGH degree of caution in dealing with Exelon.
Be wary of signing contracts with a 10 day cooling off period. The previous iterations of this company are notorious for not honouring them.

If you’ve had any experience dealing with them please get in touch with us!

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  1. Robert Fynn

    I Robert Fynn received a call from ACORN to day 16/12/2018 telling me that these scammers from Exelon Group have all been arrested in february this year but it is very unlikely that I will recover any of my losses and for all other investors for that matter and also said that the funds have been transfered elsewhere and has also been withdrawn in cash.He will be emailing me of further investigations of the company.

    1. Philippe Gosselin

      Hi Robert.
      Thanks for your email. Same thing happens to me. They got 10000 dollars from me.
      ACORN told you over the phone, that their transfer the money into others account, or redraw in cash. So difficult for us to get our money back.
      But these scammer must have money, and we have prove that we deposit money into their Westpac account. So maybe the police can find were the money was transfer. May be we could get some money back.

      1. mark

        hi phillipe mark is my name these scammers took 50000 from me i have been dealing with police in queensland for last 12months the money will never be returned its headed overseas the trail unfortunately is untraceable i no how you feel phillipe they are professional scammers and very good at what they do staying 1 step ahead of police no morals what so ever cheers mark victoria

  2. mark

    hi guys bit to late for me they have 50000 of mine didn’t think was saving a deposit for house for me and daughter i feel so foolish spoke to cops in Queensland they said money all gone on this scums extravagant life style

    1. admin Post author

      if the cops know about it, why haven’t they done anything about it!?
      They continue to allow this scam and it’s offshoots to rip people off.
      And we know they know about it.

    2. Andrew

      Hi there i read your posts with horror.
      My mother has put $630,000 into exelon group dealing mainly with a charles.

      What the hell do/can i do?

      My god what a nightmare, she is applying for the pension, how did this happen?

      1. Ryan

        Charles is the scum of the earth
        My dog has more morals than that rat
        Everyone involved in this scam should be behind bars
        The police are well and truly aware of them but choose to do nothing
        Maybe they are on the take, who knows
        I hope they really piss someone off enough that
        they go to their offices at the Boiler room on the Gold Coast on Bundall Rd and take out their vengeance
        Good luck trying to get your money

    3. mark

      would like to get involved with a group action if its possible. Was taken big time
      (edit: admin holds telephone number for this contact if anyone initiates group action)

  3. Sam

    Sorry to hear these Douche bags have gotten you guys. Has any one had troubles with betfair at all? They seem to have good reviews except for the first link when I searched for reviews – which averaged 1 star out of 5 over 208 reviews. Most claiming they withheld deposits and voided winning bets. I’m not sure if that’s just some angry competitors or if its the only site telling the truth? Anyway hope you get the pleasure of divvying up the last shreds of dignity from these exelon guys during a creditors meeting.

    1. admin Post author

      Betfair are fine, and well regulated. Like any very large organisation they are bound to have some grievances from a few clients but otherwise are 99.9% fine.
      But…they could police scam organisations using their network, and their reputation to fleece unsuspecting clients. They do know about some of the dodgy companies but have told us that they prefer the police to handle things in their own way…

    1. Robert Fynn

      I Robert Fynn also got ripped off by this so called Exelon Group in Queensland I signed two contracts on the 28th and 30th of September 2016 worth $20,000 with a cooling off period of 10 business days. On the 4th 5th and the 13th of October 2016 I sent them 3 emails to cancel my contract which was well within the 10 day cooling off period to no avail. I ended up hiring a lawyer and the phone calls and letters were going backwards and forwards to their lawyer which was Stone Group in Queensland in which my lawyers fees was going higher and higher I ended up paying over $5,000 to my lawyer and another $3,500 to Stone Group for cancelling my Statuary of Demand. I also ended up sacking my lawyers and dropping this whole case as I was getting no where. I approached the Police first with all my documents and they said they cannot investigate this incidence as it was a civil matter. That is the reason why I hired a Lawyer. If you require more information on this my phone number is 0403509366.

      1. admin Post author

        You may have spoken to the wrong police. Try contacting the Financial and Cyber Crime Group, Qld. Probably won’t help you get your money back but may help add to their case.

      2. mark

        hi robert my name is mark i to was taken for 50000 and i dont even no how to use a computer i do no the money taken is being used to support lavish lifestyles of crims on the gold coast cars houses etc if you wish to corospond my number is (held by site admin) i dont gamble just got reeld in by smooth talking salesman it has destroyed my life they have no consience no morals cheers mark

  4. Tony

    I was seriously considering it until a lady called Willow seemed a little too pushy and relentlessly called me to see if I have set up my trial account yet. So I decided to research and found your blog. I hope you all get your money back. Just don’t back down and keep copies of all evidence and materials including phone numbers times of calls statements made to you etc, every piece of evidence will only make your case stronger in court even if it seems in significant now.
    Thanks again

  5. david

    Does anyone know what happened at the 2 Feb court appearance with those scumbags from Charterhurst?

  6. david

    Exelon number is 0432 180325 for those who want to contact them.
    How is it that the Qld police who claim to have “dismantled” Charterhurst are allowing these criminals to continue?
    It would appear that the Qid Police don’t really have the ability to stop these scumbags!

  7. Nick

    Is anyone interested in pooling our resources and looking into some sort of class action?
    I am embarrassed I was dragged in and can only blame myself; however these gutter dwellers prey on people like us who take information and peoples word on face value.

    1. John

      Embarrassed & out of pocket $2,200 for product $1000 Betfair Acc. losses, & now the really EMBARRASSING
      fact that they talked me into another $10,000 deposit. Tried to get reimbursed using the “Cooling Off Period” clause, which is one of the reasons I opted in again along with a promise to top up my Betfair Acc. with $2,200 (original payment) & $500 from “the boss” to cover some of the losses in the B/F Acc. originally.
      Very interested in some form of Legal Action, not only to redeem losses but to stop them from continuing their scam on other unsuspecting people.
      Will talk more.
      John F.

      1. Nathan

        I have also had these things happen to me and everything you said they told you was also said to me. I was stupid enough to give them money with the 10 day cooling off period but once they had my money they just refused to answer my calls and if I did get onto someone they said they would get customer service to call back but the call never comes. The people I have dealt with names are Kevin Lane, Dean Jones, Tyler and Ryan and also a Sam is the lady that answers the office number. The worst thing is I should have known from the start that it was a scam as every time I called to speak to someone about the program losing money every person gave me a different answer.
        I have a mobile number for Tyler 0478685663 and supposed office number 1800393566. I have been stupid enough to be convinced to chase my money because I started with a higher amount and am now $16k into this so if there is some sort of group action going into getting these people I would love to be a part of it.

  8. Kyle

    i got scammed out of $35K, money i didnt really have for some shitty software that doesnt work and all the excuses under the sun.
    I just want 30 seconds with these blokes to get my money back. It’ll be quick, but bloody.

  9. Rin

    Hi People. Thank you for this site to alert people of the dangers of unscrupulous members of our society that are out there preying on unsuspecting naive trusting people. My wife and I have been scammed by so many people now that I investigate them before handing over any money. Doing this has saved me thousands.
    I have been approached by Christian from Exelon yesterday. As with other scams they are selling the software for an investment of $15,000. The twist is that you bet on a horse that will lose. In they’re words “If some one bets on that horse you become the bookmaker as it were and take on the bet. When the horse looses you just take the money from that person.” Again it is through Betfair as the intermediate. A very convincing spiel and website that shows all in “Realtime” as on Betfair time. Free trials were offered. I would have to go on sky sport to verify they’re claims. The comments above, are they for the same scam, betting on a loosing horse or for a winning horse?
    I can tell you of a “Product!!!” that I invested in, again with modest results was the comment. Well over time I lost and lost. I could not find any thing on them at the time, so invested. Forex (Not sure if that is the correct spelling, I have deleted all correspondence now) was the company. They traded in the futures market. The owner even gave me his “supposingly private mobile number.” Supposingly I could get him on that number day and night because of the concerns I had about it being a scam. Guess what? When it all started to go South He was in a meeting every time and his secretary always talked to me offering a better option. As in Gold and then Oil. Gold went down too! This I found strange due to the fact that I work in a gold related industry. This is when I smelt a rat and withdrew the remainder of my funds. Loosing a $1000.00 in the process. To this point I cannot say for sure if it was a scam or not! I invested to make money in the long term. Not see it dwindle away. It is irrevelant now but can anyone shed some light on the subject and if to be true that it is a scam warn others.

    1. admin Post author

      yes, all the comments are about Exelon, and their strategy of betting on a horse to lose. Doesn’t really matter whether you are betting to win or lose. The Betfair odds are very efficient and it is Very hard to win long term, even for the professionals. You’d need a strategy considerably more involved than just picking a price range and field size

  10. sam

    Hi All,

    I am sam a techie, Does anyone have their software given by Exelon group, so can try to find the originating source and address to track them. nothing harm in tring out.

    sam (meet2sand@gmail.com)

      1. Dean

        Hi Ryan and Sam,

        do you have the program? They have been chasing me down almost daily and I am having trouble shaking them!
        Did you run the program ?

  11. Ryan

    Hey Exelon scum
    Looks like these posts have been a little successful
    Had two people contact me who have avoided being scammed

    Only a matter of time before you are all brought to justice.
    Charles, Karma will get you

  12. Ryan

    So this website is doing wonders!! Now we have had a call from CHRIS trying to get some sort of resolutions. Exelon are shitting their pants now. We have had contact with a number of others in the same position as us, and we are not backing down!!!
    The net is closing on these scammers
    Also found out that Charles was a part of the Charterhurst organisation
    Every person from Exelon that speaks to you is in on it, why else would they deliberately rob someone if there’s nothing financially in it for them
    These guys are the SCUM of the earth

  13. Ryan

    Here’s an update for everybody regarding Exelon. We got a phone call from CHARLES asking us to remove our post from this site. CHARLES was very upset that he had been named by us and begged us to remove it. Funny how we don’t hear from anybody at this disgusting excuse of a company until we out them on this site and leave an abusive voicemail for them. And CHARLES also had the nerve to tell us we needed to apologise to his receptionist for using foul language. ARE YOU SERIOUS MATE?
    Give me a call CHARLES 0405107861. When you do I’ll fill you in my conversation with A Current Affair and the cyber crime squad.
    I will not back down CHARLES, if I don’t get a full refund in the next 3 days I’m going to take you down. You and TYLER and TODD and anybody else who is in on your scam.

    1. jean

      well said mate lets take these scums exelon down they have just ripped me of $15,000

      we all need to get together and nail these scums

      1. Robert Fynn

        Yes I will be in it as I got ripped off for $20,000 signing 2 contracts and after giving them 10 days cooling off period and did not get my money back.

  14. Ryan

    Same same same
    This all sounds very familiar
    Todd harassed me to the point where I gave it a trial run
    Made me $500 in a few days
    Invested $5500
    Ran the system for a few weeks and made $1000
    Todd asked me for a further investment of $5500 for uk market which I mistakenly did
    All profits were gone within a week and Todd stopped taking my calls.
    Charles rings and says he will take over all correspondence from here on in as , in his own words “Todd is just a salesman and will say whatever he needs to make the sale”
    In the meantime ,Charles decided to play good cop and said that everything that Todd has said was wrong and that the only way I would make money would be to reinvest and he would manage my account. He kept contact for about a month and listened to my concerned about reinvesting more money. I was then contacted by Tyler who said he was from HR, who said he was informed I was unhappy and there was some discrepancies with my account, he was going to take over my account in order to make some money. He also offered that I make a payment of $2750 instead of $5500 to get the next upgrade. Ever since this transaction was made, all contact with Tyler has ceased, he refuses to take my calls or answer text messages. All calls to the office go unanswered. The only time you ever hear from anybody is if they want more money. All up I’m over $15,000 out of pocket. DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE .
    Anybody that wants to contact me regarding this can do so at

      1. Ryan

        We are going to the police next week when we are in Brisbane. Any idea how many other people they have scammed?
        We are going to take all our evidence with us. Do you happen to know if there is somebody we should contact?

    1. Ben

      They contacted me today and will call me in 2 days time to know my decision. Thanks to u, now I can give them the answer in a way they didn’t expect from me.

      1. Philippe

        Teĺl them to give the money to all the their took money from.
        For me i lost 10000.
        You are lucky to find its a scam before you give them money.
        For some of us we were not so lucky.

  15. Mike

    Good morning
    I did deal with exelon
    It is a huge scam but I did find out from a staff member working there it is designed to suck money from clients and they want them to lose
    So they can get more money to upgrade to higher level
    It is the same company and same address
    Level 2
    128 bundall rd bundall 4215
    As charthurst and laybet professionals
    I did a long trial and kept making excuses
    I actually did make $6000 but then whole account got wiped out twice $5000 and $3000
    They charge anything from $10,000 basic Australia only to $100,000 for corporate
    Huge scam
    The staff member did not get paid either what was owed or promised
    They just changing names and keep going to rip off as much as possible
    You can call me anytime to discuss whole experience

    1. Philippe

      Hi Mike.

      I went with the 2 weeks trial last months.
      The last 2 weeks they call me and explain to me.
      Today i transfer $10000 into they Exelon account.
      They all say 10 days cooling period let see.
      I may have make a mistake.

    2. Ryane

      Hi mike
      Also got taken for a ride by these disgraceful pricks
      Admin has my number if u would like to chat about it
      Cheers Ryan

      1. jean

        yes i would like Ryans phone if possible so that we may have a chat and exchange any info to help nai the scums at excelon

    3. Philippe

      Hi Sam.

      Yes i do have one. When i pay the $10000 in December, the next day their send by post the software on paper and one USB.
      This is what you want? Let me known where you want it to be send.

    4. Philippe

      Hi Mike

      So did you make $6000?
      You are lucky one of the staff working for Exelon told you that Exelon was a scam.
      On the 19 december 2016 that when i deposit $10000.
      I write to them during the 10 days cooling period.
      I put a dispute with my bank wetpac. Let see what happen.

  16. Brett

    Have been talking to these guys for a couple of weeks, $10,000 to trade the Aust lay betting market but they play with money you put in your Betfair account after you pay them the $10,000. so you give them 10 and you put in 1 to 10 into you Betfair account and they trade with that money. they offer to trade your money with the UK market and the Aust market for 10 days and they will easily return your investment of your 10 you have given them. Then if your happy with the return you can pay a further 15 and they will trade on both markets and easily make 5 per week which will build up in your betfair account. Also they say by law you have a 10 day calling off period so after 9 days if your not happy with your returns you can cancel and they will give you your money back. I suppose this is a bit hard when they already have got it before any so called contract can be written. As a business they will also give you a receipt for services they have supplied which is tax deductable. Sometimes things tjhat sound too good to be true often are.

    1. admin Post author

      They (Charterhurst and Laybet Professionals) have always gotten around the ten day cooling off period in the past. They don’t send you the software until after the period, so there’s no way to try it out and return it. They try to use the selling of software to say you got something legitimate and can’t blame the poor performance of the product to get money back.
      Best to just not sign anything with them or give them any money.

      They are also using a mailbox address rather than a physical office address, just like Charterhurst used to do.

    2. Philippe

      Hi Brett

      May be i make a mistake.
      Last month went through the free trial. $100. Mahe $42.
      Last week they call me to deposit $10000 into they exelon account. I was thinking. Again today they call me we discuss. He explain that they is 10 days cooling period . That if not happy i can have the $10000 back.
      So i did today transfer $10000 into they Exelon account. Then after that they send me by email a contract to sign. I print sign and scan to them.
      Let see . May be i will never see my money.
      What to do?

  17. Joe Post author

    I was promised this software to win 90% of the time on autopilot on the Betfair website. I was told, I had to purchase this software for $15000. I put a deposit of $2000 and never got a response from them ever since. So if you get approached by this group, think again.

    1. Joe Blow

      I got a call by the name of Todd. He is calling me everyday to give me an update about me getting a line of credit to purchase their system. After reading these reviews its convincing me now to not purchase their systems. I really feel sorry for the people that have spent $15,000 on a system that does not work. Anyway when i spoke to Todd today i said to him that if a horse ends up winning you have to pay a lot of money to the Booker. He said with our system we have what you call a stop loss where you dont have to pay so much. If this is the case then why dont bet fair have this to. I dont understand? Todd is always calling me from his mobile and other mobile numbers like 3 different phone numbers evedryday. If it being a legit company i would assume a 1800 number or 1300 numbers. I dont understand.

      1. admin Post author

        It is true that you could hedge out of your lay trade, but by the time you think your lay is really going to win the race, the price will have fallen to such a point that you will either not save much of your bet or you will have to put so much on for the win that you would be taking on a huge extra risk if it ended up losing.
        In their spiel they say that you only have say a 1 in 10 chance of losing your bet ( the horse winning) but they fail to mention that the odds often reflect that. For example, the average odds you might be laying at will probably be around 10:1, so over time you will win about 10 races but lose the next and pay out ten times your bet and end up around even. That’s the way the efficient Betfair markets work, unless you have a very, very good strategy to beat the odds and the skills of many pro punters on there.

      2. Nick

        Hi Joe,
        Todd traded my Betfair account yesterday to show me how good managed trading is. He lost me $600 in under 3 hours. Before this he pestered me day in day out to let him do a trial for me. He now wont return my calls. Avoid this bloke and the company. If a horse wins you loose the lay amount multiplied by the odds. So $20 lay multiplied by 20:1 equals $400 loss for a possible win of just $20 is the horse looses which is the aim and concept.


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