Extortion ??

If you have heard it suggested that ‘certain websites’ post negative reviews in order to extort money out of businesses, this is certainly totally false in the case of Aussie Scam Alert. Anyone found making such false allegations about Aussiescamalert will be persued with the full weight of the law.

This site, and many others, operate with the pure intention of letting facts be known and allowing the public to be able to make more informed judgements about their decisions. In other words, just doing what is right, since neither ASIC, the ACCC or offices of Fair Trading seem willing to do so.

If you want to know the ‘Why’ of Aussiescamalert, please read our About page

Businesses that appear listed on this site are not necessarily ‘scams’. Some may well be legitimate, but there is such an abundance of dodgy businesses out there, especially around the Gold Coast, that it is necessary that balancing points of view are offered, along with facts, in order to give the public a fair chance to filter out the good from the bad.

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