Fake MobileCiti callers

Just a quick heads up that there is a mob cold calling people claiming to be from MobileCiti.
And as of February 2020 they are still at it!
Their main purpose is Identity Theft.

MobileCiti themselves are a reputable mobile phone retailer and never call people offering them phone plans

The cold callers offer to upgrade your phone but it’s all very suspicious.
For instance they offer unlimited calls, text and DATA, no matter what service provider you are with. We don’t see how they could possibly guarantee that, especially the data.
The emails come from the domain mobileciti.net which is not the official domain and website of MobileCiti.
They also call on very bad telephone lines and sound like they are in an overseas call centre (not that Aus companies don’t use overseas call centres..just not for sales calls though).

They ask for you to give them your driver’s licence and Medicare numbers before you even see the phone or contract or fact sheet.
They refuse repeated requests to see the contract, saying you have to sign up before they can send you the contract.

When quizzed on where they, they have no idea of what the address looks like where they are supposed to be.

Our advice is to stay well away from these offers. It’s a scam.

15 thoughts on “Fake MobileCiti callers

  1. Clever1

    I got a call from them today claiming to be mobile Citi . Almost fell for it but luckily had read about it before today . As I am from South Asia I could understand that these caller lady was a Pakistani . I played along and when they asked from Medicare licence and passport before the iPhone is delivered , I sent them some explicit pictures as attachments instead . The last gave some abuse and hung up . I got a call back immediately from her husband or male relative who started abusing me in Punjabi

  2. Kanwarjeet Singh

    I have become a victim of this mobileciti scam on 1st Feb 2020 whereby i provided copy of my medicare and license copy via email. Same comments as other people above which tells that they sounded very legitimate but yes i was naive to not notice the flaws.

    I have received an email saying that order has been dispatched for new phone. I have advised Telstra which seems to be a provider that these bastards are using for frauding people. Also notified my current provider.

    Is there anyone who can advise further how to stop this from going ahead or do something to prevent myself?


    1. admin Post author

      We doubt that you will receive a phone, so you shouldn’t have to worry about that part going ahead. But let us know if you do receive something!

      As for protecting your private information:
      from https://www.scamwatch.gov.au/types-of-scams/attempts-to-gain-your-personal-information/identity-theft :

      If you think you have provided your account details, passport, tax file number, licence, Medicare or other personal identification details to a scammer, contact your bank, financial institution, or other relevant agencies immediately.

      You can also contact iDcare – a free government-funded service which will work with you to develop a specific response plan to your situation and support you through the process. Visit the iDcare website, idcare.org ,or call 1300 IDCARE (432273).

      Also watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-L6qj8RX9Wk

    2. Kanwarjeet Singh

      I received many calls over the last week and finally picked couple of them. They were trying to sell me same plans. On second call, lady said that application has been approved and i will receive phone on my door steps soon. I requested to cancel my order and also said karma will bite them as they have been reported and soon they will be caught. She tried to convince me that this isn’t a scam etc.
      Number they called from +1(23) USA.

    3. Les

      I also got scammed by these parasites/ cancer of society in 2019
      I changed my license details and a new Medicare card
      They keep track of you , they have changed to my new address and are still scamming services using my details. I wish I could catch up to them, I would dismantle them slowly

  3. Nadeem

    I have also been scammed by the people claiming that they were from Church St, Parramatta NSW 2150 Sydney. They called me from this number 0280035557 and asked me to send Drivers Licence and Medicare Card which I already have sent them to promotions@mobileciti.org. After realising that I had been scammed, I started investigating and found that the email I have received was from Punjab, Pakistan. The Sydeny, Australia based number was generated through Skype (very easy to get it in few bucks). I have reported it to Cyber Crime and ScamWacth.

    I have also been contacted from Indians from following numbers all are generated through Skype or similar IP Phone services.
    I just heard MobileCiti word from them and disconnected 🙂 as I was scammed earlier so didn’t say anything. Apart from above mentioned numbers, I picked and talked on this number 0280734431. I tricked them this time and talked longer to get more info from CS Rep that was an Indian girl [ Hindi accent and she confirmed (slip of tongue) that she was calling me from India 🙂 ]. She sent me email from sales@mobiles-citi.com .

    I hope what happened with me, will help others to be safe from being scammed. All is being done to get IDs (Identity Theft) to get mobiles or anything on contract on our names.


  4. AD

    I have been victim of this fraud recently. I gave them my license, medicare and Telstra account number to get a cheap mobile phone plan. I just hate myself on doing so. These guys used those details to pretend myself and ordered 7 mobile phones with plans. Telstra thought its me and they delivered the phones to them. I noticed those numbers were listed as suspended under my account, I contacted Telstra and told them that I haven’t ordered then the investigated and came to know that its a scam. Its still under investigation. I have reported it to ACORN, Scamwatch and NSW police (All the addresses were of NSW).
    The matter is still under investigation.

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for your comment, though very sad to hear about it.
      They still are calling us too. Very active at the moment.
      I wondered what they would do with all the ID information. Now it makes sense.
      Where did Telstra deliver the phones to though? Wouldn’t that give away their address, or at least the P.O. Box they use?

  5. Harish

    Hi I give them my passport and license as I thought they’re not asking my bank details so I thought it’s not a scam
    So can any one help me what to do
    I tried contacting police, vic roads,mobile operator but no use


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