Financial Freedom Australia

Harry Omeros is at it again.

Needless to say, if you get involved you will lose money. He will take your money mercilessly.

The police and fraud squad have known about this guy for several years yet he is still on the loose.

He often uses the aliases of Peter Philips, or Philip Lucas ( or similar)


Financila Freedom for who? Certainly not you !

2 thoughts on “Financial Freedom Australia

  1. Stef

    I was contacted by a guy calling himself Mark Davis in response to an interest in home based businesses. He was a young and enthusiastic rep of
    Catch phrase “You’ll make money with this!!” He was very skilled at talking you into this scheme. The offer was 2 businesses for $9900 managed for 10% of profit. He told me a friend was making good income from investment with Financial Freedom Australia. He talked me into giving it a try as you have full control of your investment and can withdraw your capital at any time. I was scammed big time!!! I was able to get the bank accounts frozen but was told there was no money – absolutely nil – in either account. These were the Westpac Accounts I deposited money into. BE WARNED!!


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