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Yet another cold-calling company, Gemini Capital Markets, has been ringing around and trying  to get people to buy into a managed trading account.

One person we spoke to, told us that they told him that the Chinese market was crashing ‘as we speak’ (it wasn’ fact the Hang Seng index they were referring to was up for the day at the time) and it was because Trump had just announced new sanctions against China (he hadn’t) and that all the major institutions are pulling their money out of China.

We did some checking..
Their website is
Looks a little plain. There are a few comanies sounding like Gemini Capital and there is even a Gemini Capital Markets that seems legit, but with a different website.
Can’t tell for sure but they may be taking some details from a legitimate, licensed company.

Anyway, decided to check out some of the people from the Team on their website and see if they pop up anywhere else..

There’s Edward Harrison, who is seen pondering at his desk:

Gemini Capital Markets scam

Looks like a stock photo..and turns out it is:

Gemini Capital Markets scam

Next, we have the thoughtful Daniel Andres:

gemini capital scam

also a stock photo:

Gemini Capital scam

And finally, the representative who spoke with our contact , Ron Norton. Not featured on their team page but did have a Linkedin profile:

Gemini group ltd scam

after some tracking down we found his mug shot at a portrait agency:

The company kindly confirmed that this is most definitely NOT Ronald Norton!

’nuff said. Scam.

9 thoughts on “Gemini Capital Markets

  1. Craig Bean

    to whom it may concern
    I invested 5,000 AUD in November last year and I am now unable to get my funds back. the name below is the contact and Gemini keep in touch without resolve and they lie immensely. still cant get my money back.

    From: David Rosenfeld []
    Sent: Wednesday, 8 May 2019 1:44 PM

  2. Richard

    I have been approached by a gent claiming to work for Gemini Capital LLC in Chicago. He has made me an offer that seems too good to be true. He has a website that is impressive. I just cannot find any bad info about him, not sure where to turn for help on his one.

    1. admin Post author

      send us details to if you’d like us to take a look at it.

      Ask for their CRD number with the SEC. Watch for any evasion attempts.
      (even if they give it though, they can sometimes use someone else’s. Make sure all details match..addresses, phone numbers, what they are registered to trade)
      Be careful of imitations of real companies.
      Do that call during office hours in Chicago time?
      Try to find what the banking details are before you send any money. Does the name match the company?

      These are the sorts of things to start with

    2. Dan

      Hey Richard, did that gent go by the name “John Lester”?

      Also got a call from Gemini Capital LLC in Chicago but the number he called me from was an Australian number. Is he just pretending to be a real company?

      1. admin Post author

        Yes, they are pretending, or ghosting a real company.
        They can use local numbers and get routed through them somehow. Not sure how it works but it is used a lot, but still don’t know why they do it.

  3. Nick

    Yep absolute scam, i deposited some money late last year as i havent had time to do this sort of thing myself, their charts and numbers are not matching up with real charts and denying me a withdrawl. Keep away


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