Thanks to one of our readers, we have been alerted to this one: Goldencove , Golden Cove Inc,

The website features pictures of luxury holidays and smiling, attractive people, while talking about how they will help implement your wealth creation so you can spend more time doing the things you love.

They say that every genuine enquirer will have the product explained to them fully, and that every staff member has high knowledge about the product. Why then, when I asked to have what they do explained to me, did the guy keep diverting the conversation to having a live ‘free’ trial? And why didn’t he know what the average odds of their selected investments were?

They go on about how they do Leverage Trading, as if they invest short term in equities, when the fact is that they are primarily doing lay trading in the horse racing industry. Talk about deceptive !

After much questioning, it was revealed that my trial bank, if I took a trial, would be placed with  Another  ‘bookmaker’ on the same dodgy platform used by so many other suspect companies ( Ukhomebusiness, Trading Capital Partners, etc ). No contact information is available, let alone any other information about the company. Supposedly based in Puerto Rico. Good luck getting your money out.

Memberships start at a mere $12,999 for the Bronze two year licence. Of course, they tell you that the really smart investors are buying the premium $39,999 10 year licence. Sure, you can find them listed with ASIC, but that means little. What’s more odd is that they are not registered for GST, yet you’d think they’d have to be if they are as succesful as they say.

I find this to be extremely dodgy looking. They try to lull you into  a false sense of security by talking about how it is Not a get-rich-quick scheme, how there are lots of clients on board and that the best proof is in a live trial..that only lasts a week mind you. How are you meant to make any great financial investment decsion based on slim evidence like that? When I asked if they could send past records, they said that they probaby couldn’t because they ‘don’t want people stealing their ideas’ (!).

Look, if you approach any decent investment company/opportunity the vendor, if they are genuine, will furnish you with all the back data you want. Not that it guarantees future results, but it shows that they keep records and are thorough in the study what they are doing. They would also offer substantially lower entrance fees, or even just charge a monthly access fee.

I think there are much better opportunites out there with far less risk of losing your investment, of a bank or licence fees.

I’ll leave you with a peculiar quote from their website, and an even more peculiar picture of something that appears on their front page…breading success!?? Is that like ‘rising to the top’ ?

“Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.”

breading success

As always, this is all just opinion, and only offered in the interests of the general public :p

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6 thoughts on “Goldencove

  1. James Post author

    Questbet should be added to the above list , I had two active accounts cancelled when I tried to make a withdrawal ,and they kept my money , then made sure that I could not contact them, also Topazair and St George Limited are close associates ,I rang them both to try and get some result about Questbet and received assurances that they would get Questbet to ring me back ,of course it never happened!.
    Topazair are supposed to have managed the “software” set up for St George Limited which then operated Questbet.
    in the end it became clear that I was blocked at every turn. I did find out that “Ray” is in

    charge of St George Limited and Topazair and he promised that Questbet would ring me ,when I requested Questbets No he ignored my request so I am convivced that the 3 organizations are one.
    Regards ,James.

  2. Heidi

    I too have been scammed by Golden Cove Inc. If you would like to get in touch to do a class action against them please contact me or leave a message.

  3. David


    I signed up to golden cove and have about $10,000 invested and now seem to not be able to get hold of anyone, no-one answering phones, left a bunch of messages, have $5,000 currently in my account which now upon reading your article i’m realising I only have an email to try and get my money out (NO CONTACT NUMBER). Any suggestions of what I can do to ensure I don’t loose everything??? I’m freaking out…


  4. Siawash

    Hi I just want to say I am really pissed off. Because in the start he was desperate for the money claiming that I put in 20000 and in return I get 1000 everyweek. Saying all l this teqnical bs I thought I would give it free trial which was 500. After he knew I didnt have that much money he didn’t want to lead me on any further so he kept the 500 and never answered me back.

  5. James McIntosh

    I appeared to have been scammed by an outfit called Lay Trading Solutions .. Did some research on the company through ASIC …information on directors etc. before going with them. After Christmas they have Disappeared main contact no.s email etc . Gone…… One of their mobile no.s still active . They did open one a/c with ezylay trading which is active and is supported by bookmaking services . I’m very nervous about the set up … Any advice?

    1. Carol

      Hi James,

      Very interested to know who the director of LTS is?
      What you have is described is identical to what another company called UK Home Based Business has and is doing. I wonder if its the same director as LTS.


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