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(a resurrection of the OWS scam.)

2/2/2015 : are they now GT Australia , Globaltech Australia ??, ? Read more on Whirlpool

I’ve just been alerted to this scam thanks to a reader. Thankfully a few of the other scam busters out there are already on to it.

To start with, here is an excerpt from an excellent article by including advice on getting your money back (that could also apply to other scams)

“The reason I keep on writing posts about black box scams is simple. I HATE seeing innocent people have their hard-earned money wrenched from their hands by some unscrupulous, dodgy and frankly down-right disgusting scam company espousing that making massive money in the markets is as simple as hitting a few buttons.

Listen, if you receive a cold call from a salesman blabbing on about a software program that ‘almost like magic’ produces mountains of cash from the share market with little effort on your part, take my advice… HANG UP YOUR PHONE.

Refuse to talk to them and don’t for a second share any personal information and for the love of all that is good in the world DO NOT give them any money.”


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